Big-head clover (Trifolium macrocephalum) II

It’s that season (again) ! Bighead clover in Artemisia rigida sites (click for larger picture).

Bighead Clover
Photograph © Katie Fite, WWP 2010

Photograph © Katie Fite, WWP 2010

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  1. Mal Adapted Avatar
    Mal Adapted

    This species is abundant on the Memaloose hills, a BLM tract on the Oregon side of the Columbia gorge, near Mosier. One of the beauty spots of the planet. Dang, New Mexico is nice, but I miss Orygun 8^(!

  2. kt Avatar

    Nothing like a good bighead clover year!

    Memaloose is a great name.

    I think this site is Stinkingwater (of Pass fame) also in Orygun.

    And these bighead clove sites are sooo … vulnerable to some of the expanding weeds if subjected to too much livestock trampling.