Idaho April Wolf Report released

IDFG/Wildlife Services’ war on wolves has begun. 42 wolves killed for 23 depredations.

The monthly update from IDFG, which contains little useful or timely information, has been released for the month of April. It appears from the numbers that Wildlife Services has been given the permission to conduct extensive revenge killings on behalf of livestock producers.

I wonder how much the number has risen in the last month as there have been reports of Wildlife Services planes in the Wood River Valley, Salmon area, and the Boise Foothills this month. I have been told that Wildlife Services has put orange collars on wolves in an attempt to make them easier to spot from the air, in turn, making it easier to avoid killing the “Judas” wolf. In one instance they accidentally shot this wolf so the remaining wolves will be harder to “control”. I guess the lazy, expensive way of managing wolves didn’t work out so well 😉

Idaho Wolf Management Progress Report April 2010

YEAR Depredations1 Wolf Mortality
Cattle Sheep Dogs Total WS2 10j / 36-11073 Other 4 Hunter Harvest Total
2003 7 130 3 140 7 0 8 15
2004 19 176 4 199 17 0 21 38
2005 29 166 12 207 24 3 16 43
2006 41 237 4 282 35 7 19 61
2007 57 211 10 278 43 7 27 77
2008 104 215 14 333 94 14 45 153
2009 76 295 14 385 87 6 45 135 273
2010 (1/1 – 4/30) 17 6 0 23 36 6 5 46 93

1 Includes only confirmed wolf depredations of cattle, sheep, and dogs that resulted in death or injury.
2 Wolves taken by USDA Wildlife Services in response to depredation on livestock.
3 Authorized take under 10j, or legal take after delisting under state law for protection of stock and dogs (Idaho Code 361107).
4 Other includes of mortalities of unknown cause, documented natural mortality, collisions with automobiles, and illegal


  1. JEFF E Avatar
    JEFF E

    These are Idaho gunners in training, mark my words

  2. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    I continue to be amazed at how few livestock the wolves actually kill. 70-100 cattle (3/4 calves) spread over a huge state in the space of a year would never make any news at all if the cause was something other than wolves.

  3. savage Avatar

    maybe one could jam the collar signals, or set up many decoy signals. the technology is out there. it would even out the odds a little….

  4. Si'vet Avatar

    Jeff E, what’s an Idaho gunner?

    1. JEFF E Avatar
      JEFF E

      Idaho gunners will be those working for the state to kill wolves as opposed to WS gunners.

  5. Si'vet Avatar

    So it’s Federal gunners aka WS. And state funded gunners such a the local predator control? correct

    1. JEFF E Avatar
      JEFF E

      I believe that is what the state will do, mimicking Alaska. In my opinion the state will have there own gunners, shooters, whatever name one wants to use, as the state takes full control of wolf management. I also think that day is closer than some want to believe.

    2. jon Avatar

      Ofcourse Jeff E, they will try to kill as many wolves as they can. Look at what MT is doing now. It has been proven time after time that ranchers/wolf haters and wolves cannot co-exist together. Wolves are being killed just for being wolves.

    3. Save bears Avatar
      Save bears

      Whats your solution Jon?

    4. jon Avatar

      As of now, no solution imo. Until ranchers start doing a better job of protecting their cattle from wolves and other predators, there isn’t going to be a solution in my opinion, not anytime soon. The same old cycle will continue to repeat itself and it is all because of farmers not being able to do a good enough job of protecting their livestock. Calling ws up for predator control is not going to get rid of the problem because there is always going to be more wolves going after livestock. The only way these specific problems will come to an end most likely is if farmers start finding better ways to protect their cattle without resorting to calling up ws and having the wolves killed.

    5. Save bears Avatar
      Save bears

      Okay Jon, Okay…but take note, even the native American’s are changing their tune..

  6. Save bears Avatar
    Save bears

    I just heard a story on TV that stated that the biologist of the Flathead Nation, is also favoring more hunting and control of Wolves as well, due to the amount of livestock predation, they had several interviews with residents of the reservation, that sai, white people are screwed up and that wolves need to be controlled..take from that what you will..

  7. Si'vet Avatar

    got Jeff thanks, for some reason I just wasn’t connecting the dots on what you meant.

  8. Si'vet Avatar

    Jon, please, I asked Jeff E a question on this thread a while back and he was, respectful enough to get back to me when he could, something you haven’t the manners for. He clarified and shared an example. Thats all I needed.. This thread had already been put to bed. It wasn’t like it was one of the same old tired questions that needed your same old tired response.


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