Grizzly bear with rare four cubs delights visitors in Yellowstone






  1. Linda Hunter Avatar

    What a headache that mother probably has. cubs are hard to take care of but four? Whew she will be so tired! We have seen a group of three where one was much smaller and they all lived, even though the mother adopted a fourth cub which was a year older, and then the same mother had three in 2008 and lost one. There is no predicting possible when it comes to mother bears. . the black bear mother that everyone followed on the internet in her den, Lily at North American Bear Center has now left her one cub Hope to live on her own.

  2. Todd Avatar

    We got to watch them at a distance of about 150 yards about a week ago. Through the scope it was like they were playing right in front of us. Quite a treat. Always some action with four cubs playing.


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Ken Cole