$1000 fine and loss of hunting privileges for one year

Randy Strickland shot the wolf pup from a road near Tyndall Meadows last fall before the season had opened there.  There were many witnesses who reported him.

Eagle wolf poacher loses cash and hunting rights.
Idaho Statesman

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12 Responses to Eagle wolf poacher loses cash and hunting rights

  1. jon says:

    I wonder if this outcome would be the same if he had killed an elk.

    • Save bears says:


      For a first time offender, I can say it probably would have been less..

    • Mike says:

      Remember Jon, this guy isn’t a “hunter”. When you poach, a magical gnome removes the Hunter Moniker from your shirt and labels you a poacher. People who own hunting licenses never poach, ever.

    • mikarooni says:

      My father hunted all his life; but, even he used to say that every poacher was a hunter before he got caught.

    • Save bears says:

      Nobody has ever said, hunters don’t poach, but once they are caught poaching, they are no longer a hunter, they are criminal and should be punished as such.

  2. william huard says:

    This was the guy that a number of hunters said was an ethical hunter who would not shoot a wolf from the road. Those darn witnesses- you have to be careful before you shoot a wolf for no reason. Where was the I was in fear of my life defense?

    • John d. says:

      “It’s commin’ right for us!”

      But seriously,
      Glad this git got the book thrown at him. As for the one year suspension, that’s a slap on the wrist.

    • jon says:

      You mark my words, “ethical” hunters who hate wolves will end up turning into poachers if wolves get relisted.

    • Save bears says:


      No need to mark your words, I am sure your right, some of the ethical hunters will allow their emotion to overcome their common sense and will kill wolves illegally..

  3. Mike says:

    Sad. He should lose his hunting license for life.

    Pathetic enforcement of the law here which will only encourage future hideous behavior.

  4. Hilljack says:

    I really doubt this would encourage people that it is worth doing. If your an idiot that shoots things when the season is closed you would do it anyways. I hunt for a lot of reasons but would call myself a sportsman or an conservationist before using the term hunter which denotes a person hunting for the purpose of food.

  5. JEFF E says:

    99% of this fine springs from a) shooting from a roadway; always illegal, and b) attempting to deceive F&G about where it was shot.
    the fact it was a wolf probably resulted in a time off for good behavior consideration.


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