Rare grizzly living on the Montana plains likely to be killed

A grizzly bear that was relocated from near Loma, Montana to west of the Continental Divide last year has been recaptured on the plains of Montana after being accused of killing more sheep and some chickens. Authorities have approached the Bear Center at Washington State University to see if they can accept the bear. He will likely be killed if a home cannot be found for him.

‘Loma Bear’ returns, caught near Carter Carter area
BY KARL PUCKETT • Great Falls Tribune Staff Writer

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6 Responses to 'Loma Bear' returns, caught near Carter Carter area

  1. JEFF E says:

    pocatello zoo

  2. Angela says:

    Because of one person’s chickens and sheep the bear will be killed? It’s sad. I wonder how many other sheep and chickens have been killed by other predators during the same time period.

    • ProWolf in WY says:

      Probably plenty of chickens and sheep killed by coyotes. It is sad that this bear may be killed or put in a zoo. I’m not sure which would be worse.

  3. Jon Way says:

    It can’t have another chance if last year was the last time it got into trouble. It really is an eye for an eye and that is too bad. It isn’t like there are other bears on the plains.

  4. John R says:

    I think it is exciting that grizzlies are returning to the Great Plains. Too bad some of them get into trouble and are removed from the population (killed). I’d like to travel to that area and see for myself. Is there anywhere in particular someone can recommend to see some grizzly tracks in that area.

  5. pete says:

    This is a very,very sad tale. Bears, wolves, and other creatures are all beautiful in God’s eyes. It is a shame that in our “civilized” world they cannot be left alone to roam as they did in the past. It is also to bad that some of us do not place an equal value on the livestock some of these predators kill. What would their opinion be if it were their child, grandchild, or grandparent? Would that life be worth protecting?
    I have been privileged to observe these animals in the wild. It is truly a gift from our Creator. I would encourage anyone conserned about this creature to pray for a zoo or some other facility to step in to save his lofe.


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