Important sage grouse and pygmy rabbit habitat burning

Jefferson Fire

Jefferson Fire from

Range fire at Idaho National Laboratory has burned 109,000 acres since Tuesday
By KATY MOELLER – Idaho Statesman

Update on July 15.  This huge fire is still burning!

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2 Responses to Range fire at Idaho National Laboratory has burned 109,000 acres since Tuesday

  1. Yesterday I was in the Upper Pahsimeroi and saw this huge smoke cloud to the south. The wind was to strong I could hardly stand up in some gusts. I couldn’t tell where the fire was located.

    Today I crossed the INL to come home to Pocatello. The smoldering fire hadn’t burned along the highway, but there were some impressive black dust devils in the distance in the fire’s remains.

    Another nail in the sage grouse’s coffin.

  2. pointswest says:

    I hope these are not going to become commonplace as global warming heats up.

    I am worried one of these will sweep across Island Park and since the climate has changed, and the trees will not come back.


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