Heads up. Commission Meeting discussing this fall's wolf hunt set for August 16.

Increased quotas, trapping, snaring, and electronic calls are being considered.

If you want your voice to be heard this is your opportunity. Don’t be intimidated and speak your mind.

F&G Commission To Meet In Idaho Falls In August

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission will meet August 16 in Idaho Falls.

Commissioners will consider proposed seasons, harvest limits and methods of take on gray wolves. They also will consider proposed seasons on waterfowl and sage-grouse.

Routine agenda items also include falconry seasons and limits and Fish and Game’s fiscal 2012 budget.

F&G Commission To Meet In Idaho Falls In August.
IDFG Press Release

Update: It turns out that there is no public hearing at this meeting. Only written comments will be accepted and the public may sit in on the meeting.  To comment try: http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/inc/contact.cfm



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  1. John d. Avatar
    John d.

    If only slaps could be mailed, how red would their faces be?

  2. Ken Cole Avatar

    It turns out that there is no public hearing at this meeting. Only written comments will be accepted and the public may sit in on the meeting.

  3. Elk275 Avatar

    The last wildlife meeting I attended was on June 15, 2010 and the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks would not take comments only questions. All comments had to be by e-mail. The reasoning is that it took to long and the office staff had to work overtime typing each comment. I can see there point.

  4. Ann Sydow Avatar
    Ann Sydow

    IDFG already approved the use of traps and snares to kill wolves as well as the use of electronic calls. I believe they also accepted the rule that allows hunters to kill wolves over bear bait. They did not set the auota yet and that’s what they will talk about in august. Also they put off setting regulations re the placement of traps. I was at the July IDFG commissioners mtg and one trapper got up and complained that the restrictions being proprosed limited their ability to trap wolves. He was complaining about not being able to place traps within 300 ft of campgrounds, on roads or on masin trails. Go to the IDFG home page and click on “IDFG Changes Game Rules”.

  5. Ann Sydow Avatar
    Ann Sydow

    *i meant “main trails”.

    1. jon Avatar

      Ann, you write wonderful articles on wolves!

  6. Ann Sydow Avatar
    Ann Sydow

    Thank you Jon! That means a lot to me coming from you! I’m a fan of your writing too 🙂

    1. jon Avatar

      Thanks,I actually posted one of your articles a few days ago.


      Just for those that may not have seen it.

  7. Ann Sydow Avatar
    Ann Sydow

    Jon. I have featured your blog comments in the NIWA newsletter as blog comment of the month before-

    1. jon Avatar

      Thanks, when you come out with some more good wildlife articles, please, don’t hesitate to post them on here, so I don’t have to do it! 🙂

  8. Ann Sydow Avatar
    Ann Sydow

    Thanks! I’m just trying to get information out there that hopefully will help the wolves and other animals and their habitat in the long run, This site is the first place I go every day for the latest news on wolves and other wildlife issues.

    1. jon Avatar

      Yeah, there is no better blog about wolves/wildlife than this. You should also check out nabeki’s wolf blog which is also an amazing blog. You most likely have seen it already, but here is the link to it, howlingforjustice.wordpress.com

  9. Ann Sydow Avatar
    Ann Sydow

    Yesi I’m familiar with Nabeki; she. And her site are great too

  10. Ann Sydow Avatar
    Ann Sydow

    Sorry for typos; can hardly see text on this phone…!


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