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Grousing at windmills | Need to Know | PBS

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  1. Rick Hammel says:

    Good video. It pretty well describes the issue at hand facing the grouse. One thing that was not mentioned;horizontal turbines. The have helix shaped blades and are far less threatening to birds.


  2. I thought this was a pretty well done video on a complicated issue (for TV news).

  3. In my recent 5 day trip to Wyoming, I saw more sage grouse than I have seen in Idaho in the last five years.

  4. Eric T. says:

    Well, the video stopped at the 2:49 mark for me, it had me captivated. Although I do have to seriously question the legitimacy of a video when that video displays a map with South Dakota above North Dakota.


    • pointswest says:

      I hate those wind farms. They have a few here in So. Cal and they are the ugliest most irritating things I have ever seen on the face of the earth. I hope the do not become popular in our fabled vast open expanses of the West.

  5. pointswest,

    You ought to see the upper Columbia Gorge. It is completely lined with them.

    • Save bears says:

      And when I came through that area back in March, they were working hard on installing more of them, I can’t remember how many trucks I passed that were carrying the towers or blades…

  6. inthefurwest says:

    excellent video, and it had some great shots to boot. i was surprised thou when they stated that the grouse would avoid the places with high profile structures as this has not been my experience on and around the crazy woman and powder river basin. they do seem to avoid the drilling rigs and wind driven water wells during construction, but as soon as all the hubbub is all over the grouse and the antelope move right back in. this might be an anomaly thou rather than the norm since their are plenty of cottonwoods around anyway.


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