Rancher loses grazing appeal

USFS takes away grazing lease in Nevada’s Santa Rosa Mountains.

The Columbus method of grazing, where cattle are put out for months on end and then “discovered” at the end of the grazing season, gets a spank.

You can read the decision from April here.

Rancher loses grazing appeal.
Written by Dee Holzel – Silver Pinyon Journal



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  1. Daniel Berg Avatar
    Daniel Berg

    I’m curious about whether within the ranching community, there is any backlash against guys that repeatedly violate the rules and bring on this kind of negative attention, or do they just all march in lock-step and blame everything on the government?

    There have to be cooler heads that realize at some point it’s not going to benefit the ranching community to have a “do whatever we want, when we want” attitude towards use of public lands. It’s too bad that the loudest voices are usually the most polarizing ones.