Domestic Sheep Rancher Appointed to Nevada Wildlife Commission

The “capture” of wildlife agencies, both state and federal, by agricultural interests continues, this time in the state of Nevada where another ‘flat-earther’ has been appointed to a position of authority over wildlife management.

Hank Vogler, a domestic sheep rancher who has actively denied the relationship between disease die-offs in bighorn sheep herds and contact with domestic sheep has been chosen by Nevada’s governor to bare the torch of muddying the waters on the ever-growing bighorn controversy :

Critic of NV wildlife agency named to policy boardAP

In an article posted last year on Raine’s website, Vogler criticized wildlife biologists for killing a bighorn sheep he nicknamed “Chin Creek Chin,” after biologists learned the ram frequently mixed with Vogler’s domestic sheep.

He called it a “political assassination” and wrote, “How embarrassing to have a wild sheep mingle with domestic sheep and not die instantly as the pseudo-science seems to suggest.”








  1. Virginia Avatar

    No conflict of interest here. The governor did a great disservice to the wild sheep – maybe he wants to bag all four of the Big Horn sheep species too just like this bozo.


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Brian Ertz