Long Butte fire in southern Idaho burns 215,000 acres in one day

Fire moved up to 30 miles an hour at times

Southern Idaho experienced quite a wind storm Saturday night with lightning and little rain. Boise was hit hard with power outages caused by downed trees all over town due to 70 mile per hour gusts of wind. The Long Butte fire started that night and moved quickly to the Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument where it burned 3/4 of the monument.

UPDATE: Fire’s progress into Gooding County halted; fire now covers 215,000 acres.







  1. JEFF E Avatar
    JEFF E

    Spent this last weekend in Stanley and had to come out via Sun Valley due to the banner ridge fire.from Hailey south as nothing but a solid cloud of smoke

  2. jdubya Avatar

    This must explain why today the visibility in Salt Lake is about 10 ft. That north wind last nite brought in more than just the cold.


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