As mega-dairies and feedlots make up more of Idaho’s dairy industry, the conflicts between people and cattle are increasing

Guess what.  There’s shit in the air and water around these facilities and people are getting sick.

“High nitrate levels in water can cause brain damage in infants and has been associated with reproductive problems and cancer, according to researchers”

But you don’t get to know the details because:

“The Idaho Legislature labeled stats on cow shit “proprietary information,” exempt from public disclosure.”

If you want to know more and be active in stopping the shit, check out Idaho Concerned Area Residents for the Environment (I.C.A.R.E.)

Cow Country: The Rise of the CAFO in Idaho | As mega-dairies and feedlots make up more of Idaho’s dairy industry, the conflicts between people and cattle are increasing.
by Scott Weaver Boise Weekly

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4 Responses to Cow Country: The Rise of the CAFO in Idaho

  1. Brian Ertz says:

    Ken & I went to a gathering of activists regarding just this issue earlier this year. Some very extremely emotionally compelling testimonials took place that day.

    Same players as grazing ~ same crooked Livestock politicians.

    Livestock is a scourge.

  2. JimT says:

    If the truth got out, like the recent uproar about the egg industry, livestock industry would have to be held accountable. Can’t have that, now can we….

  3. Matt says:

    TMDL’s are coming. Watch what happens with EPA’s current process in the Chesapeake Bay states. That model, if successful, will be used for the rest of the country. These feedlots will eventually be required to clean up their waste discharges, at least to some degree. So will a lot of others who are discharging into surface waters.

  4. Angela says:

    The array of ethical and environmental insults associated with factory farming is mind-blowing. I’m glad it is finally getting more attention. Support your local pasture-raised animal farmers and talk to your friends about it too.

    It is kind of scary to think what the future might hold for meat when you think about the genetic experimentation going on and the technological advances. Like the whole farm-animals-that-don’t-feel-pain idea. eek. weird.


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