Not so quick on handing over wolf management to Feds

It seems that Butch has changed his mind or, rather, his staff has changed it for him. In a quick turnaround Otter’s staff says he wasn’t drawing a line in the sand. He was just frustrated.

I can’t imagine the phone calls his office received after his press release came out saying that he would hand over wolf management to the USFWS if they didn’t give the state more flexibility to kill wolves. The implications seemed pretty clear if that were to happen.

No wolf standoff in Idaho .
Idaho Statesman

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7 Responses to Otter's Staff Backtracks on Wolf Deadline

  1. Virginia says:

    I think the reason no one is commenting on this story, is this guy is such an idiot that whatever he does is so stupid – not unexpectedly – and so why bother to comment on it.

    • Daniel Berg says:

      I wonder if underneath all this bravado, any officials from Idaho or Montana have been in contact with officials from Wyoming, trying to guage the possibility of coaxing them into a management plan more in line with what they had going.

    • JEFF E says:

      Probably not. It’s election year and in Wyo’s livestock industry owned govt it would be political suicide.

  2. Read the comments by the anti-wolf people . . . incredibly stupid and racist too. Truly a sorry look at Idaho’s underbelly.


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