Former gubernatorial candidate Rex Rammel, currently under investigation for poaching elk, told a group of Idaho residents that citizens should organize wolf killing parties and that he didn’t think the authorities would intervene.

Not so says the feds:

Feds plan action if Idaho wolves killed illegallyAP

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111 Responses to Rex Rammell encourages Idaho residents to poach wolves

  1. I guess this is Rammell’s idea of how to beat an elk poaching citation — change the subject and raise hell about something else.

  2. WM says:

    Saying and doing is a tough role to fill for both sides. If locals engage in going after and killing wolves, I am inclined to believe federal law enforcement folks (what kind of resources are they going to dedicate to this, without the help of the state and local sheriffs) will have a bit of a time investigating, aprehending, prosecuting and convicting individuals responsible for killing specific wolves.

    There will, no doubt, be local critics who say not only does the federal government not keep its promises (on wolf reintroduction), they can’t follow through on threats of prosecution.

    This thing has got to be a PR nightmare for the Department of Interior.

    • This guy has got to be giving the Idaho political establishment heartburn.

      Rammell hates them from the far right, and he has personal animosity toward a number of them.

      • timz says:

        Well I’ve yet to see any one of them call him out. They’re all gutless and afraid to piss off anyone on the far right because they all depend on that vote as well.

  3. Daniel Berg says:

    Is this really even about wolves for Rex? Or is it more about finding a supportive group of people to rant to? Idaho County supported him in the primary, so why not go to where you know you have supporters and use a hot-button issue to garner attention? If I was an attention-seeking ultra-conservative zealot in Idaho, I’d do the same damn thing. And we all know the media loves anyone who is willing to say ridiculous things in public…….

  4. Ken Cole says:

    Even more of a reason to not legislatively delist wolves.

  5. JB says:

    This is a great example of how Idaho politicians (or wannabe politicians, in this case) are using wolves for their own political agendas, which seem to be pointed squarely at anti-federalism. The actions of Otter, Rammell and Commissioner McDermott may play well with Idaho ranchers and SOME hunters, but they are counter-productive and serve as very persuasive evidence that Idaho’s politicians are not at all interested in maintaining a viable population of wolves.

    • timz says:

      You are right but sadly this seems too go un-noticed by the Obummer administration and Salazar.

  6. Mike says:

    Manufactured controversy.

  7. As far as I know, there is a state law in Idaho about soliciting others to break laws – so Rex is once again breaking Idaho law – Does anyone think that Governor Clement Otter and his troops will investigate and prosecute? Perhaps, Lawrence Wasden, the rather independently thinking AG of Idaho will pursue Rex.

    Larry Z Salmon, Idaho

  8. Craig says:

    No freedom of speech when said against the opposing side! Don’t even start on the I’m on Rammell side! He needs to go to jail and lose his Hunting privledges for life!

  9. Phil says:

    I enjoyed reading an article by Professor Bruskotter regarding the Social Science of Wolves. This should be something the Fish and Wildlife should consider when trying to delist any species from protection. I have always found it kind of confusing as to why the Fish and Wildlife will delist Wolves in regions where they are hated to extremes by hunters and government officials who get funded by hunters? When you consider the amount of time and money spent to conservate such predators like Wolves by the Fish and Wildlife, why would they be ok with state managements that will let certain hunters go out and kill Wolves based on their emotional hate of them?

  10. DB says:

    Maybe even the crazy conservative Idaho County commissioners are beginning to get it. From today’s Lewiston Morning tribune:

    -Idaho County Commission Chairman Skip Brandt said the commission would not pass any kind of ordinance that would give people permission to violate a federal statute. And people may talk about wanting to kill wolves, he said, but doing it is another matter.

    “The constitution is very clear that there are states’ rights but it doesn’t give county rights. The counties operate under the state, period,” Brandt said. “I would not be in support of moving forward with any such thing, because to suggest to people that they can go out there and break the law, I could not feel right about that.

    “Idaho County Commissioner-elect Jim Chmelik of Cottonwood took some heat from Rammell for failing to show up at Wednesday’s meeting. Rammell expected his support, but Chmelik said Thursday he told Rammell earlier that he can only back actions that are legal, which shooting wolves is not.

    “I don’t want to be responsible for authorizing somebody to have to pay a $100,000 fine and go to jail,” Chmelik said. “If there’s a legal constitutional framework that we can work within (to address the wolf situation) we can do that.”

  11. Phil says:

    Craig: Freedom of speech is allowed, but you have to remember that there are consequences from certain pertakes of freedom of speech, especially when the actions caused by the Freedom of Speech are illegal. For example; if someone threatens to kill you, that is Freedom of Speech, right? But, it is also a threat that can be taken seriously, and is in most part illegal.

  12. mikarooni says:

    Why isn’t this filthy degenerate piece of inbred trash in custody. In the civilized world, advocating illegal activity, in this case inciting it, would be cause for revocation of bail and back in the slammer you’d go.

  13. Rammel has gone off of the edge. Based on his previous two encounters ith IDFG officers, his comments about offering a tag for President Obama, and now this, he sholdn’t be allowed to carry a weapon. In any new encounters with this nut, IDFG officers should be prepared to use lethal force. In other words: Shoot him first and ask questions later.

    • LM Anderson says:

      In the interest of disseminating “factual” information, Rammell did not “offer tags for President Obama”. Rammell was speaking at a sportsmen’s event during the heated Congressional recess at a time when the entire nation was enraged with Obama’s socialist and unconstitutional, Americans’-wishes-be-damned, healthcare proposal that was the heated focal point of every conservation across this country. An unidentified woman in the crowd yelled out “what about Obama tags?” and Rammell simply responded (with what everyone else was thinking) and said, “ya, we’d buy some of those.” … That is a far cry from “offering Obama Tags”. Everyone in attendance (and most Idahoans and Americans) took it for exactly what it was, a joke, and a far milder joke than we’ve all heard about the Obama administration at local diners across America’s heartland. What I heard from anyone I heard talking about it at the time was, “well this guy has the guts to say what the rest of us are all thinking”. Those sentiments weighed heavily at the ballot box last May.

      Nobody disagrees that Rammell can sometimes put his foot in his mouth, but he doesn’t deserve the liberal press’ embellishing (and sometimes outright creating) stories to in-flame the public and sell papers. Most people who have passed 6th grade grammar knows that you can rearrange just a few words and change the entire content, context and intent of a statement. This is called “editing” in the media world.

      What I will say in Rammell’s defense is that while most people that “talk the talk” do not “walk the walk”. Love him or hate him, Rammell walks the talk. The one thing you cannot say about Rammell is that he is a coward!

      • mikarooni says:

        There is no responsible way to sugar-coat Rammell’s actions. Both Rammell and his defenders are irresponsible at best and criminals at heart. By your definition, Idi Amin and Jeffery Dahlmer would be courageous heroes to you.

      • Salle says:

        What I will say in Rammell’s defense is that while most people that “talk the talk” do not “walk the walk”. Love him or hate him, Rammell walks the talk. The one thing you cannot say about Rammell is that he is a coward!

        Okay, I won’t call him a coward but he sure is an idiot.

      • jon says:

        Rex Rammell is a coward and an idiot.

      • jon says:

        oh, I forgot to add wackjob.

    • jon says:

      I believe how it went down is some audience member said to Rex, what about Obama tags and Rex said yeah we’d buy some of those. It was a joke, but a very bad one that no one should make even if you hate the current president. For being a mormon, he is one hateful sob.

  14. ProWolf in WY says:

    This guy is a dangerous whack job. He talks about Obama tags and wants to kill wolves illegally? What’s next? Bomb abortion clinics?

  15. Mike Koeppen says:

    Here in Montana, the Montana code includes 45-8-105 CRIMINAL INCITEMENT

    (1) “Criminal incitement means the advocacy of crime, malicious damage or injury to property, or violence.
    (2) A person commits the offense of criminal incitement if the person purposely or knowingly advocates the commission of a criminal offense and the advocacy is:
    (a) directed to inciting or producing that imminent unlawful, criminal action; and
    (b) likely to incite or produce that unlawful, criminal action.
    (3) For purposes of this section, “imminent” means immediate in time, impending, or on the verge of happening.
    (4) A person convicted of the offense of criminal incitement shall be imprisoned n the state prison for a term not to exceed 10 years.

    Toby Bridges (Lobowatch) appears to be in violation of this statute, and why he hasn’t been prosecuted, I can’t imagine. Although the wolf is no longer under Montana control, it was, and Bridges certainly continued his advocacy then. I don’t know Idaho law, but I would imagine they have a similar statute. Again, Idaho authorities might argue, in Rammell’s case, that the wolf is not currently under state law. But, again, I believe there was plenty of this illegal killing talk going around when Idaho was participating in wolf management. Perhaps lack of prosecution is due to a lack of will.

  16. Cody Coyote says:

    Seems like old traditions die hard in Idaho. I’m thinking about the Mud Lake Farmer’s Association Rabbit Roundup in the early 80’s as I write this, and all the rabbit (and rattlesnake ? ) roundups that came before it …

  17. Here is what I meant in Idaho Code – termed Criminal Solicitation:

    TITLE 18
    CHAPTER 20
    18-2001. DEFINITION OF SOLICITATION. A person is guilty of criminal
    solicitation to commit a crime if with the purpose of promoting or
    facilitating its commission he solicits, importunes, commands, encourages or
    requests another person to engage in specific conduct which would constitute
    such crime or an attempt to commit such crime or which would establish
    complicity in its commission or attempted commission.

    TITLE 18
    CHAPTER 20
    18-2004. PUNISHMENT FOR CRIMINAL SOLICITATION. Every person who is found
    guilty of criminal solicitation to commit a crime is punishable in the same
    manner and to the same extent as for an attempt to commit such crime.

    It would be against Idaho law to encourage people to poison, trap, or shoot wolves, which are identified as Idaho wildlife since there is no legal season on them.

    I would think both Rex Rammell and Toby Bridges are breaking laws in Idaho, probably Montana, and perhaps Federal law for soliciting violating the Federal ESA and its prohibition of Section 9 Take, including not only kill, but also harm and harass.

    Larry Zuckerman, Salmon, Idaho

    …and I don’t even play a lawyer on TV!

    • Mike Koeppen says:

      I sent an e-mail to Jim Lukens, the Salmon Region Supervisor of IDFG, and asked why the department has not acted on this since it seems to be clearly illegal for Bridges and Rammell in both Idaho and Montana. I also inquired the same from Montana FWP. When I get replies, I’ll post them.

      • timz says:

        Don’t hold your breath. Idaho won’t even arrest a known tax cheat and a thief who robs school kids IMHO. As a matter of fact they let him serve in the legislature as well. You have a governor who if not gutless is certainly clueless and a do-nothing A.G>

      • wolf moderate says:

        I didn’t realize that Rangell, geitner et al lived in Idaho. How is it so red w/ such liberals?

      • timz says:

        Yes let’s excuse him because some democrats are corrupt as well. Typical crap from your ilk.

      • timz says:

        you related to Hart?

      • wolf moderate says:

        I would much rather be related to hart than Rangell or Geitner. Pls don’t get me started on Geitner 🙂

        He owes 53k in back taxes. I’m sure he’ll pay it…

      • timz says:

        Please tell us what that has to do with the subject at hand, Idaho politicians watching out for their own when it comes to law enforcement.

      • wolf moderate says:

        You asked me if I was related to Hart.

      • PointsWest says:

        You are contacting the wrong person. You should contact the Attorney General of Idaho and also the local Prosecuting Attorney of Idaho County. I would not hurt to write a letter to the editor of the local newspaper advocating the Rammel be prosectued.

      • JEFF E says:

        the editor of the local paper was probably shaking Rammell’s hand and telling him what a patriot he is

  18. If I correctly read what Larry Zuckerman has posted, then anyone promoting the illegal killing of wolves in Idaho is liable for the same punishment as one who actually kills one.
    I think the federal penalty is a $100,000 fine and imprisonment for illegally killing an endangered animal. Our law enforcement people need to do their jobs and arrest Rammel and others like him. A few convictions and fines of $100,00 would shut these criminals up. Rammel could write his letters to the editor from a federal prison.

  19. Phil says:

    Salle: I respect your comment, and know the meaning behind it, but in seriousness, there is no defending the actions of this guy, even if it that he walks the talk. That makes his character the all more dangerous. If he went out of his way to illegally act upon the poaching of Elk and the statements he made on Wolves, then what makes us so sure he won’t act upon actions on president Obama, or even others he does not like? I voted for Obama, and feel he is not the right president for the change perspective now, but he is the the president and I respect that.

    • Salle says:


      I was NOT defending this whack job above. The beginning portion of my comment was a quote from the commentor who WAS defending him, thus the italics.

      I agree this nutcase needs to be contained if not constantly monitored. This is also the same SOB who had a canned elk hunting farm not so far from YNP and some got out a few years ago, threatening the genetic integrity of the YNP herds. He got pissed when the gov. allowed an emergency hunt to shoot the escapees, shortly afterward he announced that he was running for gov..

      Idaho has no safety net for the mentally ill, or treatment programs that actually help people like this deranged buffoon so I guess he’ll just keep on going until he actually hurts one of the governor’s friends, then they’ll lock him up. Any other offense if overlooked until that point because he is probably a friend of somebody in the state government who will act as a foil for him until that time when he really ticks them off. Right now the state is kind of enjoying his taking the pressure and public spotlight off of them for a spell. That’s how Idaho works.

  20. Phil says:

    Does everyone here live in either Idaho or Montana? I live in Michigan, and am confused on who Geitner and Ragnell are?

    • Save bears says:

      Why am I not surprise?

      • Save bears says:

        But I do have to say living in Michigan, at least you have some familiarity of the wolf issues..

      • Phil says:

        Seriously savebear? So, the 600 Wolves we have in Michigan don’t count as a Grey Wolf population? We don’t have a similar Wolf issue from hunter-supporters like yourself?

      • Phil says:

        But, I guess in your eyes the 800-900 Wolves in the state of Idaho is WELL overpopulated, right?

      • Save bears says:

        Boy I have to say Phil, you are indeed a new poster, I have never once stated, I think wolves are over populated, I am not against wolves at all, of course the 600 wolves you have in your state is a gray wolf population, where did I say it wasn’t?

      • Phil says:

        Judging from your silly little remark stating “Why am I not surprised?” then following it by a comment saying “But I do have to say living in Michigan, at least you have some familiarity of the wolf issues..” kind of go hand in hand in showing disrespect of others comments.

      • Save bears says:

        By the way as a lifelong hunter, yes I am a hunter supporter, 95% of my yearly meat consumption is wild meat, I depend on my ability to take an animal every single year..

        By the way, you asked earlier today, why I am not with FWP any longer…it was because I would not doctor study data that would have been detrimental to the wolf recovery program, I studied Predator/Prey relationships when it comes to disease transmission and my data showed that wolves were not transmitting brucellosis to other species, unfortunately my higher ups wanted me to change that data to show they other words undermine the re-introduction program..

        You are new and you really showed up with a chip on your shoulder didn’t you!

      • Save bears says:


        Since you have been on this blog you have done a damn good job of showing disrespect to those who have been around for many years now…drop the chip and join the conversation, you might find that even those of us that disagree with you are not all that bad..

      • Save bears says:

        I didn’t feel my comment was silly at all, and no I was not surprised!

      • Phil says:

        sb: The chip on my shoulder comes from the backlash you showed me. From what I have gathered from certain individuals on here, you sure have a strong ego on yourself. I don’t know how valid your statement is to why you left the FWP, but I have to see it as truth considering I have no realistic understanding on you. It is respected, and I respect you being a hunter, even though I do not agree with hunting unless it is a sole means of survival. Just remember this, the more you state your backlash criticism of others, then the more people are going to respond negatively to those criticisms, and if you don’t think so, then your ego is well beyond what you precieve it to be.

      • Save bears says:


        I will be the first one to admit, I am an asshole, I have never denied that, it comes from my military training, I was in the army for many years before I went back to school to get my degree in yes, I am a jerk and I will never deny that and never have denied that..I also, don’t mince words, just not in my character..

        But really I am not a bad guy and everybody in the area that has met me, or corresponded with me, always has an open invite to my home which is located in a very wolf and wildlife rich area, disagreement is good, it is how we work on problems..

      • Save bears says:

        And Phil,

        Responding to me negatively, really has no bearing on the issues we the most part, because I am in the middle, I expect to be responded to negatively, it just goes with the territory…

    • WM says:

      Oh dear, where to start? SB, you have much better rapport than some of us.

    • wolf moderate says:

      Hi phil,

      you should watch and listen to both sides when it comes to politics, even if you disagree. Often things are not reported upon when it affects the party that the host/network belong to (democrat OR republican corruption). I listen to Maddow, Olbermann, and ED all the time even though I do not agree with one thing they preach. I challenge you to listen to conservative networks if for no other reason than to validate your beliefs. Who knows, maybe you’ll switch sides 🙂

  21. Phil says:

    SaveBears: So, please explain to me how I have disrespected anyone? You mean when I responded to your silly little comments of criticism? Like when I asked a simple question “Is everyone in here from Idaho and Montana…?” And you responded with a first comment saying “Why am I not surprise”, which should have been “Why am I not surprise(d)”? So, because you have been here for years that gives you the legitimate right to show your disrespect to others? And, you don’t think that is a ego trip?

  22. Phil says:

    savebears: Your first impressions are horrible! No disrespect, but I can see the, in your words, “asshole” in you. Disagreement is TOTALLY different then showing a lack of respect.

    • wolf moderate says:

      Hey each side needs a Timz!

    • wolf moderate says:

      🙂 I hope you are on our side….though I doubt 🙁

      • timz says:

        I have simple beliefs.
        — You respect ALL wildlife
        — You don’t kill anything for sport
        — You hunt it’s legal and fair chase. No dogs, no bait, no hi-tech anything, just you and your bow or gun.

      • timz says:

        My simple rules
        — respect ALL wildlife
        — you hunt it’s fair chase, no traps,dogs, bait,hi-tech anything, just you your gun or bow.
        — you kill nothing for sport.
        — you poach you lose your privileges
        fo life. If your caught in the woods with a gun you go to prison.
        — you treat wolf haters with all the distain and disrespect you can muster, especially those that call themselves “sportsman”.
        That’s it so you decide if I’m on your side or not.

      • Elk275 says:

        Timz, what is wrong with dogs? Dogs have been used for thousand of years and will continue to be used. I am not a dog person and have never owned one. On the 26 and 27, I am taking a lady friend of mind pheasant and sharptail hunting and she is bring her 4 springers and cockers; I have never hunted with dogs before and I am looking forward to the experience. The bird loose is very much lower with dogs.

        Bait: Is a 5 year old worm fishing to much?

        What is hi tech? I have wondered that myself many times, is a ranger finder hi tech?

        ++If your caught in the woods with a gun you go to prison++ That would be in against the second admenment.

      • timz says:

        Elk, dogs used to retrieve birds is not the same as using dogs to terrorize cats and bears into a tree so they can be shot easily. I don’t use any live bait when I fish, just a preference.

    • wolf moderate says:

      Seems extreme. Good luck on your campaign! for instance a range finder when bow hunting seems more ethical to me…The shot is usually more humane.

  23. Phil says:

    How is “I am not suprise” not disrespecting the others intelligence? Because I do not know who the two individuals are and I stated the word “confused” you responded with a childish response “I am not surprise” is not disrespecting the other? What? Because you have been on this blog for years now and I am new I should bow to your feet and kiss them?

    • Save bears says:

      Nope, I never asked you bow at all, an yes, I am an asshole, I am very self aware of what I am..who I am I am not going to change my position at this point in my life, I have no obligation to you and you have no obligation to me, we are simply two names posting on a blog, nothing more, nothing less..

      And after all of these years, No, I am not surprised..

  24. william huard says:

    Hey Timz-

    I agree with your philosophy on wildlife. Wasn’t it ELK275 that said there was nothing quite like shootin gophers first thing in the mornin or somethin like that?

    • Elk275 says:

      ++ELK275 that said there was nothing quite like shootin gophers first thing in the mornin or somethin like that?++

      That is wrong, wrong wrong. The first thing in the morning is to have a cup of tea (I drink the same type of tea that the queen drinks, so I am told, it is very expensive) and a bowl of Irish Oatmeal, read two newspapers, check to Internet and if the WSJ is available I will read that, too, then go gopher hunting.

      If I go gopher hunting west, then I stop and have a beer and some ribs in Norris, Montana and soak in the Norris Hot Springs and enjoy some blue grass music. If I go east then I will stop at Chico Hot Springs, after hunting I have a beer and burger at the pool side grill and a soak. Life is good, very good.

      • jon says:

        Mccann irish oatmeal elk? That stuff is amazing. I love the nutty flavor. Nothing like a nice bowl of hot irish oatmeal to get your morning going. I like to add a little fruit to mine and a little stevia for a little extra flavor. 🙂

      • william huard says:

        Not so good for the gophers

      • jon says:

        William, I am sure if god was real, he would tell elk those gophers he kills are creatures he put on this earth and I would think god would not want those gophers being killed for such wrong reasons.

      • william huard says:

        You’d better hope you don’t come back as a gopher in the next life ELK 275

  25. william huard says:

    And we better not mess with the 2nd amendment or we will face the wrath of the NRA! The group that defends the pigeon slob shoots in PA as part of the hunters heritage

    • jon says:

      Hound hunters are no different than that Colorado coward who crawled inside a bear’s den and shot the bear for a trophy. The outrage of what he did shows proves that some people are sickened and disgusting at what this person did. I’m sure he’s bragging to his hunting friends of how manly he is shooting a bear inside a den. I can respect a hunter who hunts game for food purposes and not for the sport, Since when did killing become a sport? baiting animals and than shoot them and treeing animals and than killing them is what a coward does imo.

      • jon says:

        William, there are hunters who hunt specifically for food and nothing else and than you have hunters who kill specifically for sport and because they just love killing things with their guns. It makes them feel superior over the animal kingdom as some of them clearly don’t feel animals have a right to live. Remember, the bible says we have dominion over the animals, so we can do whatever we want with them. Why some people believe anything the bible says is beyond me. Some of these people think that god really wrote the bible.

      • william huard says:

        Today on Versus they had a hunting show from Texas. Some little kid had some type of an illness and his parents or someone sponsored a hunt for this 10 or 12 year old kid. They were hunting deer when this young bobcat enters the picture. The outfitter doesn’t tell the kid where to shoot the bobcat and a shot is fired and it totally disentegrates this bobcat’s head- you see his leg quiver over the brush. They are all- hey what a shot- what a trophy-Are you going to hang this trophy on your wall?- and I’m thinking- some trophy with this bobcats head splattered all over the place– it was disgusting

      • jon says:

        That’s how those type of people “respect” wildlife William, by killing it. It’s a very weird way of showing respect to wildlife. To kill a bobcat specifically for the trophy is not showing any respect what so ever.

      • wolf moderate says:

        Maybe so. But either way he wouldn’t be called a “coward’ by a “NORMAL” person.

    • wolf moderate says:

      Jon! We went over this. Would YOU crawl into a den that a bear has recently went into (w/in a couple hours)? If you do you are stupid, if you don’t you are a coward

  26. william huard says:

    I don’t get these Rammell types at all. Old Butchie’s administration has cultivated this destructive attitude against wildlife. You see it with all the poaching. I am facinated how in different parts of the country you have such different views of wildlife. Out west horses, bison, just about all wildlife is viewed as livestock. All other wildlife is detrimental to livestock production and people want nothing on the range but sheep and cattle- such diversity

    • jon says:

      William, are you familiar with what is going on in Maine? hunters have claimed that coyotes have killed all of the deer off and now they want to bring bounties back and snaring.

      • william huard says:

        I’m very familiar with Maine. I used to go up the old rt 1 every year to go look for antiques. Maine reminds me of the west- people get shot by hunters in their back yard and the DA’s don’t even prosecute the hunters

    • william huard says:

      That was the most bizarre part of the show. This bobcat was obliterated- I think the head is an important part of a bobcat trophy

      • jon says:

        Maybe I’m weird William, but I would think if someone truly respected wildlife, they would shoot it with a camera and not shoot it dead mainly for a trophy. This does not include those who hunt specifically to put food on the table.

  27. william huard says:

    That person with the red sweater on kinda looked like a coyote- that’s what i was shootin at.

  28. wolf moderate says:

    “wild” horses are an invasive species.

  29. william huard says:

    Back to the Rammell topic


    There is an entry under Northwest wolves stating the feds will take action against Rammell

    • jon says:

      rex Rammell, Toby Bridges, rockholm, etc all advocate illegally killing wildlife. They should all be thrown in jail.

    • jon says:

      rex rammell is a vetenarian and a mormon. You would think he would have some compassion for wildlife since they are animals, things he used to care for when he worked as a vetenarian. He wants to eradicate wolves (wildlife) and he kills elk illegally. This guy cares nothing for wildlife. Just another guy who wants to artificially manipulate the elk populations for his own benefit. If he had his way William, you would bet that all predators who eat elk and deer would be eradicated. A shitload of deer and elk and no predators is the way someone like Rex wants it.

      • timz says:

        Jon I worked for the USDA, Vet Services for a couple years, working with 11 vets. You would be amazed at some of the attitudes they had toward wildlife, even domestic animals. One went to Alaska once on a bear hunt and didn’t get a bear but shot a wolf. I ask him why and he said, ” I went all the way up there I had to shot something.”

      • jon says:

        I probably would be. As I said, you would expect and think that vetenarians would love and care for animals since they care for them to make a living.

  30. wolf moderate says:

    It is strange that if he owns an elk ranch that he would poach a cow elk. It obviously wasn’t a ego hunt (didn’t shoot a monster bull). Weird story indeed.

  31. wolf moderate says:

    Timz, when the wolf hunt was legal in Idaho I was going to shoot a wolf. Not because I wanted to kill a wolf, but because I wanted to maintain the “herd”.

    When I lived in Oregon I shot a bear, not because I wanted to shoot a bear, but because I wanted to reduce the population. In Oregon you can’t hunt w/ hounds or over bait.


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