Elk Baiting Poachers Fined, Lose Hunting Privileges.

Cumulatively they lost $9600 and 12 years of hunting privileges.

Another form of poaching that is probably more common than this one incident might indicate. This case shows how difficult it is to convict many poachers. It took two years to catch someone using the bait station after it was first discovered.

Is poaching becoming more commonplace because of the recession and could it be the reason for declines in elk? The recent study in Oregon indicates that the level of poaching is very high there. Could it be just as much of a problem in the neighboring states like Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming? What is going on here?

Elk Baiting Poachers Fined, Lose Hunting Privileges.
Idaho Fish and Game News Release



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  1. monty Avatar

    Is America just a nation of law breakers with a 40 billion illegal drug habitat who ignore speed limits, dump trash on our highways, cheat on income tax and eliminate regulations so that the land, air & water can be polluted in order to increase profits. Without game wardens there would be no fish & animals to poach!

  2. jon Avatar

    Why no jail time?

  3. wolf moderate Avatar
    wolf moderate

    Being that it was on private property, it would be quite easy to say the “bait” was for the property owner’s domestic animals. The state most likely agreed to a plea bargain to ensure a victory in court. Just a hunch.

  4. Save bears Avatar

    “Why No Jail Time?”

    Jail time in poaching cases is extremely rare. Unfortunately!

    1. WM Avatar

      We can always hope alleged poacher Rex Rammell gets some for his related antics like refusing ticket, leaving scene with the evidence and locking himself behind closed door (if the news article is to be believed).

  5. Craig Avatar

    Our society is so messed up poaching is nothing in the big picture! Murder,Torture,Kidnapping, is all common now. Poaching has become a minor infraction. It will only get worse, less money for people,(more poaching) less money for enforcement, less law people in the field! The only thing that helps is us, I keep a Citizens against poaching card in my wallet with the number 1-800-632-5999 for Idaho and report anything I SEE! It’s our right and our game they are taking no matter if you hunt or not! Turn them in! All poachers should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Phil Avatar

      Craig: I have disagreed with you in other issues, but I am with you on this one. Poaching should not occur on any level at any continent!

    2. Ralph Maughan Avatar


      I certainly agree with you about the need to detect and punish poaching much more vigorously and severely.

      Cody Coyote and others have provided good evidence that officials in Wyoming and other interior Western states deliberately underfund resources devoted to stopping poaching.

      I have argued that is because many of their friends and a fair number of the local political officials themselves are poachers. It is hardly a secret that Idaho Fish and Game will not bring poaching charges in certain counties because the judges don’t care about poaching.

      As far as crime in general goes, “serious” crimes have declined a great deal in the United States in the last generation. On the other hand, the United States, one way or another, locks up more people per capita that any other place on Earth (that has quality statistics).

      A very large percentage (I need to look it up) are for drug offenses, which are, IMO, largely a self-created wound produced by thoughtless, politically driven drug laws.

      If we had some penal reform, many resources would be freed for better law enforcement.

    3. Ryan Avatar


      That seems to be the case in almost every state but Utah and Alaska IMHO. One can the issue is that people realize that there is almost no enforcement or patrols so that chance of getting caught is nil.


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