Threats and Intimidation Still a Part of Western Rural Culture

Great Old Broads for Wilderness threatened with Death

"Dead or Alive"

The tragic assassination attempt of Arizona Congressperson Gabrielle Giffords has prompted conversation about the vitriolic tone of political discourse in our nation.

The same has always, and perhaps particularly, been true of western natural resource debate where threat, intimidation and the suggestion of violence are common-place, occurring both in private and in public debate.

‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ posters target local conservation groupThe Durango Herald

Under a skull and crossbones are the words: “Wanted Dead or Alive.” Beneath, in larger type, it reads: “Members of Great Old Broads for Wilderness are not allowed in San Juan County Utah.”






  1. jdubya Avatar

    Probably pretty easy to figure out who put that up: just look for whoever has the grazing rights. Whoever did should be arrested for impersonating a peace officer.

  2. Save bears Avatar

    Anyone that is putting this type of sign up on public lands, they lease is in blatant violation of the law, I would love to have someone try this with me..

  3. JimT Avatar

    So true…violence and intimidation tactics have been SOP out West on environmental issues for decades…and no real response from the Feds or the public on this kind of threatening. Perhaps, for a little while, the door is open to bring this to the public.

  4. skyrim Avatar

    This kind of crap involving 4 wheelers is going on all over this state (Utah) and then we have the local ABC affiliate KTVX Channel 4 with their heavily slanted rec program (At Your Liesure) previously touted by a well known weatherman (now with CBS) slamming “enviros” et al, while glorifying the biz of off roading.
    BLM has been trying to keep 4 wheelers off of Skyline Drive in Central Utah who’ve been tearing up the hillsides on both east and west slopes of the Manti- Lasalle. Bastards are cutting down young Aspens and Confiers for traction in muddy conditions and to winch up hillsides.
    I hope someone comes forward on this San Juan issue….

  5. Larry Thorngren Avatar

    Isn’t Blanding the place where half the town was involved in stealing and selling Indian artifacts from ruins in the area? I wonder in they paid there tithing?
    One of the problems in Utah is that when my great, great, great grandpappy Brigham Young stood looking over the Salt Lake Valley and said “This is the Place”, some of those that couldn’t hear him well, thought that he said: “Trash This Place” and have been doing their best to comply with that directive ever since.

  6. Justin Avatar

    Reminds me of a couple years ago where my crew doing restoration of ohv impacts on BLM land in California. We had a week off around the holidays and came back to find this in the campground we worked out of…

    1. WM Avatar


      Got the top words. What is on the bottom?

      Long as we are telling war stories, I was working summer crew for the USFS up on the Snoqualmie Nat. Forest in Eastern WA (about ten miles as the crow flies from the Big Horn sheep on Mt. Clemans. Came back to my truck at the end of the day after looking for section corner monuments, and someone had dropped a rattlesnake on the driver side of my truck under my clutch pedal- at least that was where I found him as I stepped in. Scared the crap out of me. Only after pulling a crowbar out of the back of the truck and moving it around some did I notice it was missing its head. It was one of the larger rattlers I saw up there. Bunch of sicko jeepers, didn’t like the fact we were closing off some access roads.

      This was many years ago. This sort of thing has been going on for a long time, as Brian notes.

      1. Justin Avatar

        “FU Hippies” – we were amazed at the amount of effort this took since there are very few large rocks in this little part of the campground

      2. Save bears Avatar

        Yes it has,

        I remember working in the Gifford Pinchot National forest when I was getting my degree, I was driving a USNF truck that had been loaned to us, only to come back after a full day of hiking to find feces smeared all over the doors, door handles and windows of the truck and our studies were looking at ways to improve hunter opportunities…go figure..

      3. Brian Ertz Avatar

        people threaten and intimidate … sometimes explicitly, sometimes in a subtle way … political issues get taken personally and the threats have very real impact. Bernard DeVoto is among the first that has described it well with respect to the Livestock Custom & Culture … it continues to this day … those of us involved in the wolf debate know it well … just learned of this one about 15 minutes ago ~

        a blog:

        Person A on August 10th, 2010 5:41 pm:

        Would you like me to post [snip]and Ertz’s home addresses, both live near [snip].

        Person B on August 13th, 2010 6:17 pm:

        [snip] If you feel like posting Brian Ertz’s address go ahead. As a matter of fact I think we should post everyone of their addresses, especially their “work” background, education, and get an FOIA on all their lawsuits.

        Person A on August 13th, 2010 7:05 pm:

        I have photoed their homes, vehicles, and them about town.. Some day a very revealing blog may just get posted. But these people do not need any help destroying their own legacy’s, their doing a fine job of it themselves.. It’s only a matter of time.

        (emphasis added)

        most don’t like to talk about it, but it’s a real part of what people involved in controversial issues, including conservation, experience. this mindset takes place from within government work as well, though with threat of undue investigation/prosecution … abuse of power takes place – it’s not just a few bad apples on the fringe. you won’t often read about it in the paper.

      4. jon Avatar

        That is the type of stuff you see in the movies wm. In the movies though, it’s usually a live snake.

      5. WM Avatar


        I had approached the truck from the back and just opened the driver’s door, and was about ready to step in when I saw it, so was very surprised – big adrenaline rush. It was not coiled and no head, so no big deal at that point. There were alot of rattlers around there, so you are always kind of keeping an eye out. They also like to lay in the shade under the trucks, sometimes.

        Only later did I learn these guys had stuck the severed head on the hood, about where you would put a hood ornament, and smeared a little blood around. Even without its head a rattlesnake will continue to move around, if it is very warm out, which it was, probably high 80’s. This one was pretty good size, maybe four+ feet long, and 2.75 inches in diameter, maybe a little thicker. I picked the snake up, and it writhed around quite abit, as I recall. Threw it in the back of the truck, and took it back to the ranger station, where it was still moving another two hours later. I skinned it, with a little advice from some of the more experienced crew. Very nice specimen, that probably only a 20 year old could appreciate.

        At first I thought maybe some other summer crew guy had done it, but there were no other crews up there that day – just the pissed off jeepers, with a clear dislike for government workers.

      6. Save bears Avatar


        I had opportunities to do some work in Snoqualmie Nat. Forest and turn it down every single time and the only reason…the damn rattlers, I won’t kill them, but I sure have a strong dislike of being around them, snakes are just about one of the only things, I really have no love for!


      7. WM Avatar


        I think the Snoqualmie NF is now administered as part of the Wenatchee NF Rattlesnakes are found only on the East side of the Cascades.

        I can’t say rattlers are my favorite, either. Overall I have seen a fair number, some while stream fishing, but other than a handful of incidents, not had much problem with them. Universally, they have warned me of their presence, and you just stay clear if you can locate the sound of the rattle. Their camo pattern skin and coloration sometimes makes them difficult to spot, especially in the rocks. On the other hand, I think I mentioned the one under the icebox I encountered in the dark (detailed story) – that was the worst. I have also stepped on them accidentally, when they are stretched out, on the opposite side of a log I have stepped over. I have had a few strike at me but, they can only lunge about 2/3 their length, and nearly always retreat and are not aggressive.

        My experience in the Eastern Cascades leads me to believe they only occupy a very narrow elevation band and habitat, rarely above 3,500 feet, and never in dense confir timber, although I have seen them at higher elevations up to 4,000+ in really dry habitat, like up the Ahtanum north-northeast of Mt. Adams, and on the Reservation. I have never seen them on the breaks of the Columbia in the wheatfield country above Lyle in those oak forests, although they are part of their range. Maybe someone knows if they like dry oak forests.

        I remember a few in Colorado in the Foothills above Fort Collins in the big sandstone rocks and sage, but not so many as I have seen in Eastern WA, at high densities in some locations.

      8. Save bears Avatar

        I used to hunt in the dry oak forests above Lyle and we did run into them on rare occasions up there, not often, but enough that you would be on alert for them. That was many years ago, so I don’t know if there is still any in the area

  7. DB Avatar

    Reminds me of Idaho County Sherrif Doug Giddings “SSS Wolf Rifle and Shovel” raffle.

  8. spanglelakes Avatar

    If you comment on this website, you might want to check out the anti-wolf Facebook “Wolf Watch 2” hosted by Scott Rockholm of Spokane WA. Rockholm and others including Billijo Beck, of Big Timber Outfitters, Salmon ID, are scrutinizing this blog and also take (without authorization) photos of wolf advocates and post on Wolf Watch 2.

    1. jon Avatar

      I have checked out that website after someone posted a link. They slander most of the posters on here. I wonder if they would have the guts to slander those they slander on here to their face. They are a sad bunch of people who are obsessed with this blog and the posters and what goes on on it.

      1. jon Avatar

        I see that they posted a picture of JB and called him a “dweeb”.

      2. spanglelakes Avatar

        jon – the biggest posters (Scott, Billijo, Shandie) on Wolf Watch 2 are after you (like what is your identity they keep wondering), and have illegally taken the Facebook profile photos of several wolf advocates and used them on their site. The use of a photo on Facebook without the owner’s permission, can be reported to Facebook as its copyright infringement – a serious crime.

      3. jon Avatar

        I’m not surprised. Most of us who post here are “targets” of theirs. You know they are probably on this blog more than their facebook site. All they can do is slander us and put pics of us up on their site to laugh at.

      4. WM Avatar


        No big deal, but for future reference the term for saying false things about someone verbally = slander; in writing = libel. A better term that covers both is defamation. So, “slander” is not the correct term when one writes falsely of someone on a blog. It is libel or defamation.

        We can also pass this tip on our friends who post elsewhere, but who monitor this conversation.

  9. spanglelakes Avatar

    A few months ago, another anti-wolfer that dominates Wolf Watch 2, Chandie Bartell, urged Greg Farber to publish on the Black Bear blog the physical addresses of where wolf advocates live. Chandie is from Potlatch, Idaho. Farber posts all over the internet against wolves. He lives near Bellevue Idaho. [editor’s note. I removed a comment Spangle Lakes made about Farber. Lakes needs to provide proof, especially when Lakes comments anonymously]

    1. spanglelakes Avatar

      Well, we just saw what happened in AZ. Time to take threats from the loose screws seriously.

    2. jon Avatar

      Don’t be surprised if they try to find out who you are after they read your comments about

    3. wolf moderate Avatar
      wolf moderate

      Oh how quickly we forget, eh spanglelakes? I guess you forgot or do not care that wolf “advocates” posted addresses and phone numbers of the hunter that killed the first wolf in Idaho. I guess it’s ok if it suits your viewpoint though…

      1. spanglelakes Avatar

        Robert Millage is a well known known real estate person who bragged all over the internet about his killing of the wolf. He’s still doing it.

      2. WM Avatar

        Actually, I think it was worse than that. One poster wanted to put up the names and addresses of anyone who killed a wolf in ID (maybe MT too). That was the topic of a pretty heated debate here, if I recall.

        The question was for what good purpose? There is none. It is an act in furtherance of this concept of “incitement” and it is specific as to “who” one might wish to do harm. Those who pursue those activities should be aware there is a written record of their advocacy when they post information and threats, and it might just come back to bite them in the ass. If you cross state lines with a phone call, or maybe even email or internet, or use the mail you might also make it of interest to federal law enforcement -that means FBI. You might or might not get convicted for a criminal act, or have a civil judgment but the costs of defending a lawsuit for this kind of crap can ruin your day, put a dent in your pocket book, and might even result in having to answer an embarrassing question on a job/loan application like – have you ever been a defendant in a lawsuit or convicted/had a judgment against you?

    4. Ralph Maughan Avatar


      If you are going to publish these allegations, we need to see them or hear from your friend, and you should not publish them anonymously.

  10. Billijo Beck Avatar
    Billijo Beck

    Hi Guys!
    It’s nice to hear you talk about threats. Let me share a few that has been directed at me since all is fair Correct…
    How about a Ca. man in an email saying he was going to blow me up and my place of business. Kill me and my children.
    I am a Licensed Hunter in the state of Idaho. Careful now boys and girls.
    You haven’t ONCE heard me speak such Vile threats to another human being.
    You got it correct…I am a LEGAL, Licensed Big Game outfitter in the State of Idaho…I will make DAMN sure the Outfitters board knows the cost of speaking up.

    1. spanglelakes Avatar

      Tough talk – just like what’s on Wolf Watch 2 and it’s aimed toward anyone who likes wolves. FYI, Billijo – the person you think works for DMV does not.

    2. WM Avatar


      ++…I will make DAMN sure the Outfitters board knows the cost of speaking up.++

      You lost me with that statement. What does it mean?

  11. Billijo Beck Avatar
    Billijo Beck

    OH and FYI Copying and pasting on FACEBOOK is NOT Illegal…HOWEVER, Copying my Website material and posting it such as New West is…

    1. spanglelakes Avatar

      Using someone’s Facebook profile photo w/o their permission is a violation of intellectual property laws and should be reported to Facebook. And a person’s attorney.

      1. jon Avatar

        You can’t view their facebook account anymore. They are running scared. You know they view this blog constantly to see what we’re saying.

  12. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    Billijo Beck,

    Since folks were discussing you, I put your comment right through.

    I hope folks on all sides of these issues calm down because what goes around will surely come around.

    The big danger is some unhinged jackass out of a nowhere like that shooter in AZ.

  13. Billijo Beck Avatar
    Billijo Beck

    Thank you…It is a Heated issue. Always has been, Always will be. However, Threats of Death will not or Should not be tolerated by EITHER side.

    1. jdubya Avatar

      Always has been, always will be? Why? Why will it always be a heated issue? It wasn’t a heated issue to have wolves in Idaho and Montana 300 years ago. Why now?

      1. jon Avatar

        because they don’t want wolves killing the elk and deer they feel belongs to only hunters.

    2. JEFF E Avatar
      JEFF E

      So, Billiejo Beck what is your opinion of some one who states that ” I have known who he is for two years. I need just a few more pictures of his family and then I just might pound him”, when that “family” consists of one prepubescent little girl?

    3. Jerry Black Avatar
      Jerry Black

      Billijo Beck……..WHY was my picture and that of my grandson posted on “wolf watch 2”?

      1. jon Avatar

        Hi Jerry, they also said that you currently work for the dmv. They aren’t that good at being private detective it seems.

    4. Jeff N. Avatar
      Jeff N.

      Obviously Wolf Watch 2 posts photos as a veiled threat….”we know who you are, how you look, where you live, and know you have family. If we want to we can find you, you are the enemy”.

      We all know it’s purely an intimidation tactic. That’s how extremists operate.

      1. jon Avatar

        Yeah, these people try to intimidate, but a puppy dog is probably more intimidating than them. I remember a while back when Robert Hoskins told them to interview him about wolves, but they declined because they knew they would get their ass handed to them with the facts.

      2. Jeff N. Avatar
        Jeff N.

        As we know, these exteme anti’s consider “facts” an enemy also.

      3. Jeff N. Avatar
        Jeff N.

        forgot the “R” in “extReme”

  14. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    Billijo Beck,

    I agree completely!

  15. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    New policy.

    If folks want to comment personal allegations that are not public knowledge, they need to provide information in advance and they may need to provide their full name publicly in their post.

    I am speaking specifically of jon and Spangle Lakes, but there may be others.

    1. jon Avatar

      Fair enough Ralph, but the proof is there. If you went over to their fb ww2 website, it’s easy to see them making libel comments about you and some others on here. I’m sure others who have seen their fb website can verify this as well. Maybe that is why they closed it off to those who aren’t subscribed to their page.

      1. Ralph Maughan Avatar


        Please copy some old ones to me then, but if they are closed to the public, they can hardly intimidate people.

      2. jon Avatar

        I would be more than happy to Ralph, but they closed off their site to those who aren’t subscribed to it.

      3. JEFF E Avatar
        JEFF E

        You should ask Bob Fanning to send you the 250 comments from the recently closed thread from Newwest. He said he would send them to anyone that wanted them. The posts accusing you of dispensing drugs should be of interest.

    2. Ralph Maughan Avatar


      I wouldn’t be surprised if they libeled me, but what I’m concerned about is what Billiejo Beck brought up . . . threats of violence, property damage and the like.

      Ridiculous as it might seem, folks’ opinions on wildlife is an area where violence like we saw in Arizona is one of the most likely, and it would probably come from a lone unbalanced individual.

      Billiejo ought to be able to park his rig and outfitting equipment up in the hills without worrying some angry person of the opposite opinion will ruin it. The same is true for me. People in the states where there are wolves disagree on the wolf issue, but since we are neighbors, we need to be able to live together while disagreeing.

      We don’t want to worry about our property or our safety. If I have to pop someone in self defense, my troubles are not over. There will be an investigation and all that bothersome stuff. Same is true for them.

      People might make their lists and learn your address, but you can learn theirs too, quickly. Things are not private anymore. I got the criminal record this morning of someone who had sent me an unpleasant email. I got it just like that!

      This is plea for folks to live and let live. No one can win around here in a fight were things have gotten into illegal territory.

      1. SAP Avatar

        I second that, Ralph.

        “Billiejo ought to be able to park his rig and outfitting equipment . . .” I am fairly sure that BillieJo Beck is female, FYI. And I agree that she ought to be able to live free from fear.

  16. Virginia Avatar

    Regardless of what anyone in the tea party groups protest, these types of threats always come from the extreme right of the political venue, not the left.

  17. wolf moderate Avatar
    wolf moderate

    That is just a flat out lie Virginia and you know it (or should). The left is every bit as extreme in their views and actions. PETA,ALF, Green Peace, Whale Wars nuts, Alan Grayson, Maddow, etc…

    I personally dislike the neocons but do not think they are any worse than the liberal/”progressives”.

    1. Jeff N. Avatar
      Jeff N.

      You’ve obviously never watched “Maddow”, she is anything but extreme.

      1. Jeff N. Avatar
        Jeff N.

        Oops! I think I may have worded that wrong regarding Maddow. I’ll try again.

        Maddow is not extreme by any means, quite the opposite in fact. She has her opinion and ideology but she is nowhere near extreme.

  18. Billijo Beck Avatar
    Billijo Beck

    Well, Lets see, Are you NOT affiliated with the same group that Posted the Idaho Wolf hunters names in the newspaper. Going after a 12 year old boy no doubt…..And it’s VERY funny when you mention Karen…That is the Day, I received a death threat myself. Some Woman, Called me at my house, Told me to Shut up, And my Friends to Shut up at IFW, Other wise She and HER friends would Kill me, and Kill my friends at IFW….
    NOW, Here we go again. Tit for tat…
    We post our Real names on WW2…You provide Fake names on WW2. We would Like to know just Who is on WW2. Here’s a LOGIC think for you…..If your a DIE hard PRO WOLF…Why are you friends there….You are saying…OH they are talking about us….LMAO….YOUR TALKING ABOUT US…AND SNOOPING ON OUR PAGE…Whahahaha…Are you to much of a teenager to realize what is going on here.
    I am starting to Wonder Boys and Girls, The why you are so Worried about a Woman Outfitter Posting on WW2.
    Your lovely Innocent Group here, has been known for harassing people, Calling them, Publishing names, Running them off roads, ect. Maybe now since the shoe is on the other Foot of Winning a PR Battle that this side is Now loosing, Since I know personally Every Representative that has introduced up the new bills and has made the new laws in Idaho, That the Baggage of this Wolf has gotten OLD, and NOT tolerated.
    If some one has posted something about me, Sorry…But, I have MORE important things to do today then to Babysit what someone has said about me.
    Enjoy your most WONDERFUL DAY….I know I will, I will be HUNTING…………

    1. JEFF E Avatar
      JEFF E

      Please answer my question

  19. william huard Avatar
    william huard

    Thanks for the comments Billijo Bob. “Maybe now since the shoe is on the other foot of winning a PR battle that this side is now losing” Billi jo- could I suggest a spelling course? I corrected your destruction of the English Language! What I’ve heard of your “outfitting business” as long as you hunt like you spell the animals are safe! Unfortunately the lions that you chase with hounds so your degenerate trophy hunters can pluck them out of the trees are a different story!

  20. Billijo Beck Avatar
    Billijo Beck

    Forgive me for being slow Jerry Black…I was trying to figure out when you said why was you and your grandson on WW2 wall. I was trying to figure out Who’s profile I put up there and was confused since 2 were Ho’s from Asia, and the other was a Wolf.
    Now, I understand and remember. You were the one that on New west blog was disgusted that I did hound hunting for Lions. And you are also the one that is affiliated with CLF…Carnivore Liberation Front…Now, I KNOW this is the group that posted the 2009 wolf hunters from Idaho and MT on a blog and in the newspaper.
    But, once again here we go again. When the shoe is on the other foot…Meaning your foot MR. Black You start yelling and screaming that your being picked on. When you promote that we hunters are nothing more then Killers…and post our names to be exact. Wow…
    Oh, and pick on my spelling all you want. If that is the best you can do….

    1. Jeff N. Avatar
      Jeff N.

      Huh? WTF was that? Can someone please translate.

    2. william huard Avatar
      william huard

      If you “hunters” are so proud of your wolf killing you shouldn’t care if people know who you are! The wolf hatred that you are so proud of makes you look unhinged to regular people that care about all living things. You do it to wolves because they can’t fight back! Your brains have been in a frozen state of dimwittedness for 100 years. “If that is the best you can do” Where do I start- I don’t think we could have a discussion where we would agree on anything!

  21. Ron Kearns Avatar
    Ron Kearns

    Ralph wrote:


    “If folks want to comment personal allegations that are not public knowledge, they need to provide information in advance and they may need to provide their full name publicly in their post.”

    End Quote}

    As someone who reads this wildlife-related blog frequently, I respectfully request that posters consider how their comments ‘might’ reflect adversely upon the credibility of this site to a new or infrequent visitor. I am virtually an absolutist regarding First Amendment free speech rights; however, please replace any potentially vitriolic rhetoric with reason and factual accounts.

    Please consider using your full name when commenting on any topic, especially during contentious debates, although I am not suggesting that as a requirement—we had that discussion previously. Ralph et al. have done a good job allowing for the free flow of ideas and information; his new policy is a good one to help stem forthcoming rancorous communications without accompanying accountability.

    1. SAP Avatar

      Great point, Mr. Kearns.

      Reminds of me this from Eleanor Roosevelt:

      “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”

      I don’t use my name because I live in a rural area and have a few wingnuts who are obsessed with me — the usual UN-Wildlands-Agenda 21 crap.

  22. Kayla Avatar

    Now I saw this yesterday and was going to comment then but things were going on. This is absolutely horrible on these threats against ‘The Great Old Broads for Wilderness’. In our society, even though now days there are so many disagreemeents, this being able where we can talk, debate, and openly protest on issues are so important. Anytime when there is intimidation rather coming from the right or the left hurts the cause of freedom and liberty. This I think personally is blatantly against the law and the person (s) that are behind this could very well be prosecuted by the authorities I believe.

    Now I have gone hiking in many an redneck area thru the years. Now sometimes I have had some good talks personally with some so called redneck. This has happened in the Town of Escalante. I know in the Thorofare how many of the people have guns and I have learned since often by myself, to watch my P’s and Q’s so to speak. And I will just say, if someone is out by themselves and some others are around that one might not agree with in this day and age, it might be time to watch your P’s and Q’s. As for myself, have learned to keep my mouth shut at times for better to keep on living then be plugged and then one’s body be thrown beneath some bush and never be heard from again.

    But again, when it comes to this above, this just sooooo sickens me bigtime. I personally believe this political divisiveness in this country at present is going to get worse espicelly next election year in 2012. So hold onto your hats and watch your top knot. Wishing Everyone the Best!!!

    1. Kayla Avatar

      And to add, I often when hiking am usually all by my lonesome. I have met many a redneck thru the years in my travels. I always in my travels try to friendly and courteous with all that I meet out in my travels and in the wilds. There is alot of empty country out there and it would be real easy for something to happen. Everyone might have their political opinions and there are avenues for advocating your opinions. But when we are in the wilds, remember showing a little kindness and a smile with all you meet can go a long long ways. I personally anymore so trust the grizzlies I might meet in the wilds then how many people it seems anymore. Maybe the Grizzlies have more common sense. And remember Gandhi and his path of Non-Violence.

      1. WM Avatar

        ++And remember Gandhi and his path of non-violence.++

        I think I understand what you are trying to say, Kayla.

        But, you do realize that he was trying to govern a country trying to achieve independence from Britain, advocated civil-disobedience (through his non-violent efforts), and was assasinated by a political extremist of his own country, yes?

  23. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    OK, so I hope we are good on this issue, but I am a realist.

    Let’s be careful about threats on all sides. We can agree to disagree and work peacefully and legally to advance our views.

    We have to live and play side by side.

    It would be very good to use a real name if you are going to comment in a way that will cause anger.

    I’m going to close this thread to further comments before a lot of side arguments develop.

  24. Ken Cole Avatar

    I will go on the record once again to say that I think that seeking and publishing the names of the people who hunted wolves last year was not a good or wise thing to do. I do/did not support it. We did have a discussion on this blog about this very subject that resulted in a huge outburst among wolf supporters via email where I explained my position. I think it left many people unsatisfied but I stand by my postition.

    I also would like to say that anyone who contacts those who were on that list and threatened anyone with violence should be held accountable.

    I am not personally against a wolf hunt once wolves are delisted. I am however for expanded wolf populations and rational, science based management by the states but I don’t think that the states are ready for that. I think that, in particular, the state of Idaho has shown that they want to manage for a minimum population if they gain full management authority over wolves at some point in the future, and frankly, they would rather not have any wolves at all. That is political game management that I don’t think is rational or scientifically sound. I feel that they tried to present, what they considered, a rational management plan through its Fish and Game Department but were not ready to stand behind it if delisting were to become a reality. They showed their true colors last month by dumping that plan in favor of the Legislature’s plan which calls for managing for the minimum population. They tried to pull the wool over the eyes of the uninformed but it didn’t work. At least now they are honest about their intentions.

    I abhor making this issue, or other political issues personal. I think that it is a treacherous, slippery slope to approach and with the extreme elements on both sides of the wolf and other environmental issues it can end up being perilous to people’s safety. I am worried that someone will take their anger and hatred towards an individual to the next level and someone will be seriously hurt or killed.

    The same goes for anyone who threatens me, my family, or any one of my co-workers through intimidation or threats to post my or their address to a public website. That’s going too far. Following a private individual around and photographing them and their house is stalking and illegal.

    There is one person on a particular blog who seems to have violated this law:



    (a) Any person who willfully, maliciously and repeatedly follows or harasses another person or a member of that person’s immediate family is guilty of the crime of stalking, and is punishable by imprisonment in a county jail for not more than one (1) year or by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by both such fine and imprisonment.

    (b) Any person who violates the provisions of subsection (a) of this section when there is a temporary restraining order or an injunction, or both, in effect prohibiting the behavior described in subsection (a) of this section, against the same party, is punishable by imprisonment in a county jail for not more than one (1) year or by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by both such fine and imprisonment.

    (c) A second or subsequent conviction occurring within seven (7) years of a prior conviction under the provisions of this section against the same victim is a felony.

    (d) For the purposes of this section:

    (1) “Harasses” means a knowing and wilful course of conduct directed at a specific person which seriously alarms, annoys or harasses the person, and which serves no legitimate purpose. The course of conduct must be such as would cause a reasonable person to suffer substantial emotional distress.

    (2) “Course of conduct” means a pattern of conduct composed of a series of acts over a period of time, however short, evidencing a continuity of purpose. Constitutionally protected activity is not included within the meaning of this definition.

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Brian Ertz