‘The Wildlife News’ Site Update


The Wildlife News is undergoing some changes.  We’ve been migrating the site over to a ‘self-hosted’ webpage which we hope will better accommodate the rich conversation/debate about western public land and wildlife issues you’ve grown to expect over on our corner of the inter-tubes.

By migrating the site from wordpress.com over to our own server we won’t need to pay to keep the site ad-free, we’ll be able to better illustrate many of the western wildlife issues of interest to you – as well as utilize many more ways for visitors to contribute.

Soon, the layout/look of the site will be slightly different.  The site will also have a different web address.  Don’t worry !  All those links to ‘wolves.wordpress.com’ will still work (redirect) and it’s the same community of folk it’s always been …

Thanks to The Wolf Recovery Foundation and Western Watersheds Project for their support of these much-needed changes !






  1. Cindy Avatar

    Can’t wait to see the new digs after you’ve “moved” over!

  2. timz Avatar

    Hey Brian and Ken, you still doing that thing in Boise tonight?

    1. Brian Ertz Avatar

      yeah … i gotta hit the road …

      1. timz Avatar

        It’s snowing here be careful driving over

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Brian Ertz