Grizzly’s threatened status appealed in 9th Circuit court. Washington Post

Update added on March 14: Audio of hearing before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

I listened to most of this. The government attorney seemed to perform weakly in response to questions, IMO. I didn’t think the National Wildlife Federation did well intervening on behalf of the government. They made a political rather than a legal or scientific argument.  RM

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4 Responses to Grizzly’s threatened status heard before Ninth Circuit

  1. Peter Kiermeir says:

    …….they periodically attack humans???

  2. Virginia says:

    Just another attempt of USFW and the states to placate the ranchers and hunters. We all know what happens when the states are in charge of wildlife!

    • mikepost says:

      Virgina, who should be in charge? The Feds?

      • Virginia says:

        When the Wyoming’s official bear biologist – Mark Bruscino (sp) says he supports hunting of the grizzly, I guess I would have to hope the feds should be in charge. However, for the bear to survive and thrive it has to be protected and on the Endangered Species list. So, I guess you have a good point – there is no good solution for the grizzly.


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