The Endangered Species Act in Peril

Yesterday I received an envelope containing a report which was hand-delivered to every member of the U.S. Congress. The report was prepared by the group Living with Wolves which was founded by filmmakers Jim and Jamie Dutcher.

Their mission statement reads:

Living with Wolves is dedicated to raising awareness about the social nature of wolves, their importance to healthy ecosystems, threats to their survival and the essential actions people can take to help save wolves.

I think the report is very worthy reading and does a good job of explaining why legislative delisting of wolves should be opposed.

Wolves at a Crossroads: 2011
The Endangered Species Act in Peril.

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25 Responses to Wolves at a Crossroads: 2011

  1. Cindy says:

    Just posted to my facebook page, I’m going to spread this one around as much as I can–very well done.

  2. Bill in colorado says:

    What was wrong with managing wolves at levels that were first presented by USFWS. Those wolves are now way beyond those levels and are threatening the exsistance of other animals. All the while you people are worried about them becoming extinct. You people are funny. The Wolves will survive, just at a more sustainable level. I predict that if you keep putting them back on the endangered species list, people will turn on wolves!

    • timz says:

      Oh great just what we need, another clueless hayseed on this blog.

    • Phil says:

      Because those levels are outdated Bill. With each passing decade, changes come about, and this situation of wolf numbers being only at a population of 300 is not realistic, especially if you believe species like wolves are corner-stones of ecosystems

    • Mtn Mama says:

      Bill in Colorado,
      Why do you care? You live in a state with the world’s largest elk herd and NO wild wolves. Oops didnt fill your tag this year? Sorry cant blame it on wolves here. Dont know where you live in Colorado but maybe you should visit Rocky Mtn National Park- Drive through Estes Park and gander at the elk laying in people’s front lawns. Then take a look around at all the orange plastic fences surrounding the Aspen groves inside the park. Have you ever heard the term “Trophic Cascades” of course not- then you would understand the importance of apex predators. Wolves exisit in only a small fraction of their historic range and that is not a “more sustainable level” – its an artificial dream world built by ignorant humans.

    • Christopher Harbin says:

      Bill in CO.
      “Those wolves are now way beyond those levels and are threatening the exsistance (sic) of other animals.”
      I am not aware of any predator species, other than man, that has eliminated their prey. Wolves and moose on Isle Royale are an excellent example.
      As far as people turning on wolves, it seems to me that those who are likely to turn on wolves have already done so. Hardly a day goes by where one does not here of anti-wolf legislation, emergency declarations or wolf killings

    • ProWolf in WY says:

      Gray wolves were originally the second-most widespread animal in the world after humans. An animal doesn’t get that way by threatening the existence of other animals by eliminating its own food supply. If all of those predictions were correct wolves, deer, elk, moose, and mountain lions would have gone extinct long before any of use would have ever lived.

  3. JimT says:

    What’s wrong with managing grazing permits as written, or in the numbers when the ranch started? This argument about “only 300 forever” is just stupid, and ignores the fluid nature of ecosystems and sustainable populations…God, find another dead horse to beat..

  4. Immer Treue says:

    Jim and Jamie Dutcher,

    Thank You.

  5. Nancy says:

    Wolves At My Door – one of my favorite films by the Dutchers. Wonderful insight into the lives of wolves.

  6. Alan says:

    “Yesterday I received an envelope containing a report which was hand-delivered to every member of the U.S. Congress.”
    Hopefully members of Congress will take the time to actually read it.

    • Immer Treue says:


      You are so correct, they must take the time to read it. I’m sure that they get literally piles of “stuff” to read, but ….

      When I read it last night, I believe the section dealing with the wolf/elk controversy was handled particularly well and fairly written. Some may differ, but then they have chosen to differ from the onset.

  7. Ken Cole says:

    I should add that Garrick Dutcher sent the package to me. I met with him before the hearing the other day and he, unfortunately, was unable to give testimony. Had I been given the chance to hand over my time to him I would have, but time was running short and I thought that the chairman would have given my time to another proponent of the legislation.

    Garrick has been working tirelessly to educate the US Congress on these matters and has had some success. I’m sure we’ll see how much success in the coming hours.

    I have been following the budget negotiations and there is indication that the “bad riders” have been removed. What that means is anyone’s guess. Does the Senate leadership view the language which delists wolves as a “bad rider”? I couldn’t get a straight answer when I called Harry Reid’s office yesterday.

    • JimT says:

      I have read what I could find, and didn’t see any mention either. If the budget was passed without ESA riders, then does the strategy change for now? Meaning, does the settlement become less essential in the minds of certain groups? Is it withdrawn? Are we better off going back to relying on the courts?

  8. Rick Hammel says:

    But women’s health is still on the table. I see that coming back and bite the Speaker and his cohorts right square in the ass.

    • JimT says:

      Evidently the women in DC are regarded as less than others since they got their rights restricted. And there are some other restrictions on the use of money for abortions.

      • Ken Cole says:

        I’m beginning to think that the only entities that receive reverence in DC are corporations and unborn children.

        I haven’t heard anything about the wolf rider either.

      • william huard says:

        Republicans are rabid ideologues. They hate anyone who needs any kind of help from the government and their contempt for people that don’t have the resorces to pay for services by themselves is very evident

      • william huard says:

        sorry should be “resources” You would think Republican women have a uterus and would be more understanding

      • JimT says:

        So long as DC is a Congressional ward, they will always be second class after thoughts…

        I emailed a few folks in DC about the wolf rider…waiting to hear. I think they have to post it for 3 days due to some Republican rule, so…Federal Register? CQ?

  9. Nabeki says:

    NIWA, Howling for Justice and Wolf Warriors had copies of Lords Of Nature hand delivered to 75 US Senators with a “Wolf Truth Letter” attached, on March 9, 2011
    Lords Of Nature” US Senate Project…

  10. JimT says:

    No word yet. If anyone gets news, please post here or ask Ralph to start another thread….Fingers crossed.


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