Blaine County prosecutors agree to dismiss a felony charge in the elk poaching case against anti-wolf activist Tony Mayer.

Felony dismissed in poaching caseIdaho Mountain Express

Nonetheless, 59-year-old Tony Mayer, a resident of Twin Falls and the founder of the anti-wolf website, still faces three misdemeanor game charges related to the case.

You may remember the lengths prosecutors went to in order to keep the felony charge alive.  Apparently all that effort and tax-payer dollars were spent on little more than to keep leverage on a plea-bargain.


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19 Responses to Felony dismissed in [Tony Mayer] poaching case

  1. Woody says:

    Why does this not come as a surprise?

  2. Dany says:

    It’s such a backwards state where animal abuse is still just a misdemeanor that it comes as no surprise to me either.

  3. JimT says:

    The fix is in….minor fine, and minor suspension..and he will puff out his chest and claim he is bigger than the law..

  4. Rita K.Sharpe says:

    I am like Woody on the fact that this doesn’t come as a surprise.

  5. william huard says:

    A poacher is a poacher, whatever happens. I’m sure he is not capable of being embarrassed.

    • NotafanofWW2 says:

      I wonder if Rammell will walk. After that, I’m sure they’ll duputize him in Idaho County so he can go kill some wolves legally.

  6. timz says:

    Actually this may work out better, at least he is confessing to something and is bound to be punished somehow. Get him in a trial with a jury of his “peers’ and he may get off scott-free as Gillette did in his assault case. Like I said then, putting 12 people together that can think in rural Idaho is a challenge.

  7. Lynne Stone says:

    The trial would have been in Blaine County – possibly the only place in the state where a wolf hater could get convicted of any crime. Tony Mayer has the same attorney that represented Ron Gillett – nothing was too outrageous, too big of lie to not be stated as fact in court.

    • Daniel Berg says:

      There are always easy answers for everything when you are a conspiracy theorist. You can do no wrong when so many are obviously just plotting against you.

  8. Craig says:

    At least this will make him a complete loser to the real Hunting comunnity! But in my opinion he should have lost hunting rights for Life and severed at least 6 months in jail. It will never happen!

    • Lynne Stone says:

      Craig – I’m not so sure what the verdict will be. The court proceedings will be in Blaine County. I was at the Dec. 7th hearing in Hailey when Mayer’s attorney tried to get the felony charge dropped. Tony Mayer was obviously distressed at facing three felony counts. He actually walked up and introduced himself to me. I wanted to say – why can’t you see that wolves have a place here, just like the trophy bull elk that you just shot? We have plenty enough country for wolves and elk.

      It will be an interesting day in early June at the Blaine County Courthouse in Hailey.

  9. ProWolf in WY says:

    Slap on the wrist.

    • jon says:

      sadly, but true. What they need to do is turn poaching into a felony. These poachers are getting off way too easy. I believe there were a few men from Wisconsin who recently got caught for poaching a few cougars in I believe either Montana or Wyoming and they lost their hunting privileges for only 2 years. It’s sickening that the justice system does not seem to work when it comes to poachers.

      • jon says:

        Even if poachers get nailed the first time, it should automatically be a felony. Chances are most poachers have been poaching way before they get caught.

    • jon says:

      With cases like this one, you really have to wonder how much of a toll poaching takes on wildlife.

      • Savebears says:

        I hope they receive the maximum that the law allows, there are not hunters, they are pure and simple criminals and those that hunt are disgusted with their actions, it is like a school teacher selling drugs..

  10. Jay says:

    Another lazy prosecutor that would rather take an easy out with a plea bargain than do the work and apply the law. Much easier than actually spending the time and effort compiling a case and–GASP!!!–going to court and prosecuting a criminal for every charge they deserve!!


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