“That’s not for us,” say Alaskans after seeing Bingham, Utah mine

Utah’s Kennecott pit shocks Native Alaskans contemplating the proposed giant Pebble Mine-

Kennecott’s pit on the edge of Salt Lake City has been a fixture of the area for many years. It polluted the ground water and the smelter poisoned the air, but it did not threaten a way of life, nor the larger area. The Pebble Mine, on the other hand, could wipe out a huge salmon run and thousands of moose and caribou in the vicinity of Bristol Bay (Palin’s kid’s name).

A recent sponsored trip for Native leaders to see the similar Utah pit seems to have bothered them. The mine might create good-paying goods, although you have to discount much of wage because it is in high priced Alaska and a remote location. Of course, most of the money will not to go to locals, so it is also a wealth redistribution project.

That’s not for us, say Alaskans after seeing Bingham mine. By Brandon Loomis. The Salt Lake Tribune

Information web site on the Pebble Mine






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