Living with Wolves‘ Jim and Jamie Dutcher have written and published seven stories about the Sawtooth Pack of central Idaho.  A great read !

Seven Stories of The Sawtooth Pack – by Jim and Jamie Dutcher, Living with Wolves

These stories are about the years we spent filming, observing and living with wolves. They are not part of a scientific treatise, but rather an account of what we experienced, learned and felt as filmmakers and as human beings. This at times allows us a freedom of speculation that no scientist could afford. Conversely, we were very careful not to let ourselves be blinded by fantasy, making these animals out to be more than what they are: neither demon nor deity, but simply wolves, incredible and inspiring in their own right. These stories are adapted from our book Wolves at Our Door.

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Brian Ertz

2 Responses to Seven Stories of the Sawtooth Pack

  1. Rita K. Sharpe says:

    Thank you,Brian. It was a pleasant read.

  2. ma'iingan says:

    Thanks Brian, and thanks to Jim and Jamie for sharing their insights.


June 2011


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