DeFazio on wildlife service funding

The Campbell-DeFazio amendment, which would have cut Wildlife Services’ “Livestock Protection” program by $11 Million, failed 132-287. Only 30 Republican’s voted for it.




  1. CodyCoyote Avatar

    Cripes. You’d think Wildlife services had quietly been moved into the Department of Homeland Defense. That always gets a blank check. And Wildlife Services actually gets to kill stuff and do body counts…

    Wildlife (Dis)Services is counter-terrorism ?

    1. william huard Avatar
      william huard

      The Ranching Community is paranoid. They want lethal control done whenever they see predators, whether there is predation or not. They have been spoiled for so long, nothing will change with respect to better animal husbandry techniques until they are shut off from this subsidy. You really didn’t think for a moment that Republicans are serious about the deficit? They want things cut that go against their ideological agenda- period. Like planned parenthood and entitlement programs- what a bunch of phonies

      1. jon Avatar

        From Brooks Fahy at predator defense

        “As we keep discussing, Ranchers and Farmers are all too happy to take Federal Subsidies like PREDATOR CONTROL and GRAZING ALLOTMENTS…..Republican Congressmen continue to exhibit hypocritical behavior by first pounding their chest about their #1 foundation goal of reducing the deficit and banning earmarks and then in the nexxt breath turning around and saying it is ok to pass out welfare to those who make their living off the land…………….SAD COMMENTARY IT IS about our Politicians motivations and ethics…………..SAD outcome for all of the Carnivores that continue to be shot down from helicopters and airplanes without regard for whether they have preyed on livestock or not.”

        1. william huard Avatar
          william huard

          “They just killed some wolves in eastern Oregon because they were concerned that they might have caused predation.” This really frustrates me, wolves and coyotes kill far fewer animals than WS lets on….What a racket

          1. jon Avatar

            What are they going to do when wolves kill more livestock in oregon? Kill some more wolves even though there are less than 20 wolves in the whole state of Oregon? Livestock in OR are not endangered, wolves are.

          2. william huard Avatar
            william huard

            I emailed the director of the Oregon Cattlemens Assoc a few weeks back. She sent me a form letter response with the same tired old arguments like “foreign canadian wolves experiment” talking points. It won’t get any easier for wolves in Oregon- these people are loons

  2. Immer Treue Avatar
    Immer Treue

    Some things never change. Olaus J Murie, a mammologist in the employ of what was then the Biological Survey wrote a report when similar program funding was at stake in late 1930, “It appears to me that ther is an incipient landslide in the direction of denouncing everything with fur or feathers that has the slightest adverse effect on any human interest and it makes one wonder where it will end.

    This was during the depression and a time of belt tightening for the general public, but a service comtinued for the ***wealthy*** cattlemen’s associations. History repeats itself again!

  3. timz Avatar

    Out of fairness and disgust for both parties it should be mentioned that 80 democrats voted against this amendment, you know the party of the environment.

  4. Mike Avatar

    $10+ a gallon gas is the only way we’ll get this scum out of the backcountry.

  5. Woody Avatar

    I am beginning to believe you have a good solution, at least in part.

  6. RE Chizmar Avatar
    RE Chizmar

    Pathetic and more evidence of the unending sterility of our so-called political leaders … how much economical trouble do you think we’re in when, considering our out-of-control national debt, we can’t cut money in a no-brainer manner such as this. Congress is as frugal as Tiffanys Gingrich.

  7. Immer Treue Avatar
    Immer Treue

    On this rainy MN day, I am nearing the end of Michael Robinson’s Preadtory Bureaucracy, and to reinforce that History is repeated, in 1998, Fazio and NH republican rep Charles Bass introduced an amendment to the Dep. Of Agriculfure appropriation bill to strip Wild Life Services of all funds for lethal control, totaling 10 million dollars. It passed the house vote 229 to193.

    The vote did not stand as Joseph Skeen, a representative and New Mexico sheep rancher, and recipient of federal predator control services, whomwas also the Republican chairman of the House agricultural
    Appropriations subcommittee, let us just say he pulled strings and the House revoted

  8. Immer Treue Avatar
    Immer Treue

    Left thumb hit publish prior to completion, and e the amendment was voted down 232 to 192.

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