Rex Rammel Faces New Felony Charges: Jury-Tampering

Former gubernatorial candidate and outspoken anti-wolf activist Rex Rammel, charged with poaching an elk, added an alleged felony to his legal repertoire when he stood outside of the Bonneville County courthouse handing flyers out to potential jurors in his elk poaching case.

Following is a video taken when Rex Rammel called a press conference to explain the new allegations:

Rammell Threatens Consequences After Latest Charge, Arrest (Video)

Rex Rammell says he’s not guilty of tampering with a jury in a live interview with Marissa Bodnar.

Undoubtedly, Rammel’s defense will consist of his self-declared Constitutional right to do whatever he pleases.

*Update: Another Video:



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  1. Mike Avatar

    Ladies and gentlemen, the face of the anti-predator crowd.

  2. Kevin Jamison Avatar
    Kevin Jamison

    I hope the same kind of “what goes around comes around” karma will come around for that nut in Stanley who assaulted Lynn Stone,

    1. skyrim Avatar

      The problem with Karma is sometimes it just takes too damn long.

  3. ProWolf in WY Avatar
    ProWolf in WY

    I know that I’m not from Idaho so I probably can’t criticize too much but what is with this guy? Does he think he is that much above the law? This is a very dangerous person to be running for governor.

  4. Nota Avatar

    I guess that blows his chances of being deputized in Idaho County out the window…..oh wait

  5. DB Avatar

    That Marissa Bodnar, she just asks gotcha questions, she’s a meanie.

  6. jon Avatar

    I hope he gets convicted and gets thrown in jail.

  7. Dude, the bagman Avatar
    Dude, the bagman

    “Undoubtedly, Rammel’s defense will consist of his self-declared Constitutional right to do whatever he pleases.”

    I have a theory that a lot of these privileged tea party types are kind of just closet anarchists. Damn laws just slow them down. Maybe he’s just living by his principles. You know, “be the change you wish to see” and all that.

  8. skyrim Avatar

    “We all ought to just join China” You first Rex……….

  9. Theo Avatar

    Having bumped heads with RR a few time I can tell you that the man is truly a curiosity. He sincerely believes that he is infallible and that the rules don’t apply to him in the same way they apply to the rest of us. He has no concept of reality. His religion taught him that he is a god, and he actually believes it, and that rules/laws are for the rest of us mere mortals. Very weird guy and a class A whiner.

  10. Chuck Avatar

    This is a little off base of the story, the story being about Rex Rammel, but those who have followed Rex and Ron, I have never heard anyone bring up the question if Ron Gillette purchased a hunting license and wolf tag during the last wolf season??? Am certain he practices SSS quite often and he has said they will walk right over the backs of any wolf lover. I wonder if Rex is still going to act as his own lawyer??? after seeing the video’s of him I wonder how many times the judge will hold him in contempt??

    1. Phil Avatar

      I think the judge may make a personal judgement call and propose to the jury that Gillette is mentally ill.

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