Idaho Parks & Recreation Publishes Online Trail & Road Database

The Idaho Department of Parks & Recreation has published a comprehensive database if trails and roads in the state displayed over a Google Map.

View the Map






  1. Larry Zuckerman Avatar

    thanks Brian – can it be moved to one’s GPS? I know a site for free downloads of GPS-ready maps that shows ownership in Idaho (e.g., FS, BLM, state, private)

  2. rtobasco Avatar

    In areas that I am most familiar with there seem to be discrepancies between the Idaho Parks and Rec map and those travel plans published by the USFS. It appears that Idaho Parks and Rec promotes use of OHV’s in areas where they are restricted, according to the USFS plans. This conflicting information is likely to be used by motor heads to justify their further intrusion into areas currently off limits. Way to go Idaho Parks and Rec! You’ve over-stepped once again.


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Brian Ertz