Very unusual story about a bear saving a man from a mountain lion attack

While on a hike in northern California, Robert Biggs stopped to watch a bear and her cubs.  He was suddenly attacked from behind by a mountain lion and the sow black bear came to his rescue.

Bear Saves Robert Biggs From Mountain Lion Attack In California.
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  1. Mike Avatar

    I saw this earlier. Amazing story. Momma bear doesn’t like mountain lion around her cubs.

  2. Doryfun Avatar


    “I’m 100-percent sure it did want to save my life,” he said. “We made eye contact. I’d seen the bears before and I know she knew who I was.”

    I can relate to this guy’s experience of eye to eye communication. One time on a float trip in the faraway backcountry of AK, I had a run-in with a grizzly, and had a similar experience of communications. Though, luckily for me, not near as dangerous of an outcome as this guy had. But, it did make me appreciate other aspects of telepathy between man and animal that only adds to my love of nature’s magic and mystery.

  3. aves Avatar

    This is all just the fantasy of a man desperate for attention. Bears do recognize individuals and can see them as no threat but they are not our friends (see Tim Treadwell) nor would a sow with cubs risk her life to defend a person. If the incident did occur, she would have been defending her cubs not the man. But it likely didn’t occur at all:

  4. jim Avatar

    One of the articles I read quoted the man as saying he played paddy cake with the cub……and he claimed he had been attacked by lions three times in his life….the guy is less than truthful.

  5. Richie Avatar

    Tim Treadwell if you heard the story, stayed in the trail of an old bear who could hardly fish to eat anymore.In fact he was the last bear their. He was old and hungry Treadwell should have seen the warning signs. As for this man great at least some good things are said about animals.Remember the story of the man who had a house full of bears ,both kinds of bears too! When the story got out he was forced to leave his house for his own safety said the government nonsense to me.


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