Aasif Mandvi delivers the fake news about Idaho’s two-headed fish from a creek below Simplot’s Smokey Canyon Mine. Selenium has been a problem associated with the massive amount of phosphate mining that is taking place in eastern Idaho.

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3 Responses to The Daily Show covers Idaho’s Two-Headed Fish.

  1. Salle says:


    Thanks for posting that. I was going to put it in the news thread this morning but I was late for work and had to wait. An excellent piece of (non?) reporting.

    In Pocatello, the stench of fertilizer (made from elemental phosphate) is pretty strong a lot of the time, like someone smacks you in the face with a bag of fertilizer when to step outside.

  2. Ralph Maughan says:

    I love Simmplot too! I really do! 😉

    Ralph Maughan
    Pocatello, Idaho

  3. Ralph Maughan says:

    No surprise here. I understand that Simplot was not at all amused by Jon Stewart’s news about the two-headed trout below their Smoky Canyon Mine and about Simplot’s pervasive influence in Idaho politics.

    I heard (but this is second hand from a good source though) Simplot brought pressure to bear on the Idaho Statesman who had run the New York Times version of matter rather than an Idaho version.


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