Woolgrowers have no shame. Wyoming state Senator proposes to move or kill bighorn sheep to protect domestic sheep.

Because of litigation by the Biodiversity Conservation Alliance challenging the US Forest Service over its decision to allow domestic sheep grazing in occupied bighorn sheep habitat in Wyoming, state Senator Larry Hicks has proposed a plan to remove or kill bighorn sheep to protect domestic sheep grazing. This shows the stunning depths that woolgrowers are willing to stoop to maintain their dominance over public lands and the public interest.

The Encampment River Canyon herd of bighorn sheep in Carbon County, Wyoming is getting in the way of woolgrower profits so it appears that they will be sacrificed for the good of the livestock industry.

Ironically, on his website, the senator touts his membership in the Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation.

Wyoming lawmaker wants option to move or kill Encampment bighorns in response to lawsuit.
Star Tribune


  1. Steve Clevidence Avatar
    Steve Clevidence

    Some of these people definitely need some chlorine in their gene pools. I can’t believe folks in Wyoming place individuals like this guy into office. Well to be fair, its not JUST Wyoming…. shaking my head here.

  2. Salle Avatar

    A case of “American exceptionalism” on display here. I heard yesterday, on the Rexberg NPR regional news, that the Payette suit also blames wolves for giving the bighorns pneumonia… it’s always the wolves’ fault. Got an itch somewhere? Bet it was wolves that made that happen; I’m almost sure they’d claim that wolves caused the economic melt-down of 2008/2009 and the Iraq war and 9/11 too if someone would listen to that pile of rubbish. I’m guessing that they wish everybody else was as stupid as whomever comes up with these half-baked arguments as well as those who choose to include them in news segments as though it was gospel.

    1. DLB Avatar

      ++I heard yesterday, on the Rexberg NPR regional news, that the Payette suit also blames wolves for giving the bighorns pneumonia…++

      I think that is a testament to how successful blaming everything on wolves has been at the local, and to a great extent, state level.

      Hamas doesn’t blame every last thing that isn’t going well on Israel and the US because it hasn’t been an effective strategy….

  3. debbie catalina Avatar
    debbie catalina

    just another case of government subsidizing private industry with public resources. very interesting to me that you never hear republicans yowling over this kind of ‘entitlement’. a matter of perspective i guess….

  4. Tammy Rizer Avatar
    Tammy Rizer

    What is wrong with you idiots in office. I guess one group of sheep are lining your wool pockets with $$$$. The ones who don’t—–BYE!!!!

  5. Salle Avatar

    Here’s Cynthia Lummis’ astest heap of “news” and w”‘&*-waving:


    She seems to be proud of obstructionism and fossil fuels over-use… all in the name of jobs and pollution.

    And to Tammy,

    I equate these blow-hards with a waste of good air that could be put to better use by endangered and threatened species.

    1. Salle Avatar

      …latest heap…

    2. Ralph Maughan Avatar
      Ralph Maughan

      Cynthia Lummis and most of the rest of the Republican office holders don’t really care about coal or jobs for coal miners, or cheap energy, or energy reliability, and certainly not the environment! They care only about keeping their place as they push the rest of us down to give the rich even more.

      We shouldn’t think that this disdain for the large majority who are not rich is some character defect of Mitt Romney alone.

  6. Richie G Avatar
    Richie G

    I wasn’t sure it happened in Virginia didn’t they have an ash slid,killed many people correct ? He was really bad,and I think the next idea is to build gas power plants. Clean coal it just burrying the toxicns deep into the earth, and this is coastly to build. Ralph you hit it on the mark, but this is scary I hope the progressives take the house, we need to re defined this country.


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