U.S. House proposes eliminating funding for conservation programs

The Republican-led, House Interior, Environment and Related Agencies Appropriations Subcommittee has proposed eliminating funding for a variety of important fish and wildlife conservation programs. Specifically, the subcommittee proposed zeroing-out funding for the State & Tribal Wildlife Grants Program, North American Wetland Conservation Fund, Neotropical Migratory Bird Fund, Forest Legacy Program and Water Conservation Fund. These programs have already been cut by more than 25% in the last several years. Elimination of these programs could have substantive impacts on our collective ability to conserve and restore fish and wildlife populations and their habitat.


Mike Simpson, Chairman
House Interior & Environment Appropriations Subcommittee
2312 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington DC 20515

Jim Moran, Ranking Member
House Interior & Environment Appropriations Subcommittee
2252 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington DC 20515






  1. CodyCoyote Avatar

    May the ghost of Teddy Roosevelt ride up yon Republican’s San Juan sphincters…

    1. JB Avatar


      I’m glad someone was listening. People have no idea how serious a threat this is…and yes, Teddy is likely rolling over in his grave.

  2. Immer Treue Avatar
    Immer Treue

    Rather ironic how the “conservatives” are so anti-conservation. And as far as their fiscal conservatism goes, the $$$ flows freely for their favored meanderings.

  3. CodyCoyote Avatar

    I’m starting to feel old.

    I can honestly remember when it was the Republican Party that were largely the conservationists and environmentalists, and the Democratic Party opposed environmental and conservation legislation in Congress because they feared it would impact their blue collar job base.

    To de-paraphrase here: I remember the 60’s, and I really was there. 70’s , too.

    1. alf Avatar

      Amen ! You and me both, Cody.

      Interesting how the parties’ positions have flipped. Not just on environmental issues, either. For example, at the same time, up until about the middle or late 60s, most of the racism in the US was housed in the Democratic Party. Then along came Good Ol’ Milhouse Nixon and his “Southern Strategy”, and the rest is history.


Dr. Jeremy Bruskotter is an associate professor in the School of Environment and Natural Resources at the Ohio State University where his research interests are centered around the human dimensions” of wildlife conservation and management. Jeremy is passionate about wildlife–at one time or another, he has called himself hunter, angler, and wildlife photographer. Most of all, Jeremy is concerned with bringing the tools and techniques of the social sciences to bear on pressing issues in wildlife management.

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