Predator Defense Exposes USDA Wildlife Services in New Video

Predator Defense has been doing great work to uncover the malfeasance of USDA Wildlife Services, the federal agency tasked with killing wildlife to protect commercial agricultural interests.  Three former federal federal agents and Congressman Peter DeFazio were interviewed for the video.  Former Wildlife Services agents tell terrible stories about how their higher-ups told them to violate policies and law and how they were reprimanded or driven from the agency when they raised concerns about the activities of this rogue government agency.

“EXPOSED: Americas Secret War on Wildlife” from Predator Defense Films.







  1. Jon Way Avatar

    Hopefully this video gets exposure beyond our relatively small wildlife circle. CNN is a great start. I can’t imagine enough ppl not getting horrified and angered after watching this.

    1. Nancie Mccormish Avatar
      Nancie Mccormish

      Jon (et al) I just realized the M44s and Conibears big enough to break a dog’s neck are the equivalent of land mines being placed on our public lands, especially apropo since they are intentionally not marked with warning signs of any sort. Since we are supposed to be managing these lands for multiple use, how does killing and maiming kids, dogs, or curious adults constitute any kind of sane management? Kudos to those brave few who stood up though it cost them their jobs. At least they kept their honor intact. Isn’t there an international land mine organization which might want to see this film? (remembering Princess Diana here…)

  2. Larry Avatar

    I’m in WA state, an hour north of Seattle and in a area of a lot of open space, woodlots and such. The inevitable happened, beaver set up house in our retention pond doing a lot of damage. They must be removed and I called the G dept asking for loan of a live trap. I was told no and that I could hire someone to trap or kill them myself. The thing that galled me is the $6,000 or more they spent on helicopters to stay on the good graces of a cow man because he lost a couple of cows to wolves and then they go all out to wipe out an entire pack, no costs are too much. I am trying to save a required by county ordinance drainage system that could cost $20,000 to rebuild and the loan of a live trap is too much to ask. The hypocrisy is sickening.

    1. Ralph Maughan Avatar
      Ralph Maughan


      I am sorry to hear about this, but as we have said many times here there is a rural royalty in this country. It is based on the ownership of cattle.

      I don’t like royalty, and never have. We need to overthrow these country squires. We peasants and serfs should get our faces up out of the muck and fight back.

      1. Joanne Favazza Avatar
        Joanne Favazza

        “We need to overthrow these country squires. We peasants and serfs should get our faces up out of the muck and fight back.”

        I’m with ya, Ralph! Off with their heads!

      2. Nancie Mccormish Avatar
        Nancie Mccormish

        Ralph, HOW?

        BLM, BIA, DOIA, NSA, USFS, USDA, FWS, (fill in any other acronyms here) all seem immune to any expression of disapproval from we, the people, who ultimately pay their salaries. The patterns are disgustingly similar, and those they serve always end up as tools. This is not the kind of country my ancestors built and fought for.

  3. Ellen Mass Avatar
    Ellen Mass

    I was somewhat aware of the atrocities carried out by this ‘government agency’ but did not realize the extent. I hope this expose goes viral as well as hits CNN, 60 Minutes and whoever else it can get sent to! I’ve done a small part in sending emails to my senators and representative. As well as to the White House (although I feel that particular place is useless!)

  4. Wolfy Avatar

    Posted this it to my Twitter and You Tube accounts. Keep it rolling…

  5. Barb Rupers Avatar
    Barb Rupers

    Looks like a worthy organization for donations.

  6. john Avatar

    well if this admin treats these whistleblowers like the fast and furious whistle blowers, the IRs whisleblowers, the benghazi whistleblowers,,, don’t be expecting to much to come of it.. transparency here is as about as clear as mud,,, good luck with this one

  7. SAP Avatar

    Twenty minutes in. The Banality of Evil. These monsters walk among us, esteemed as “good people” in their communities. Horrific.

  8. Sam Parks Avatar

    Predator Defense hits the nail on the head when they say that if the American public actually knew what was happening, they would not stand for it. We all need to make sure we share this with as many people as possible – facebook, email contacts, twitter, face to face contacts – everybody we can!

  9. Ida Lupine Avatar
    Ida Lupine

    I’ve been trying to get the courage to watch it. Here goes…

  10. Nancy Avatar

    An interesting link/discussion on to how to handle predators.

  11. Sam Parks Avatar

    I just read on one of the NRDC switchboard blogs that the Dep. of Ag. Inspector General confirmed today that Wildlife Services would be audited in 2014! I know this audit was originally scheduled, but that they were thinking of putting it off. I am glad they are apparently not.

    1. Larry Avatar

      I have high regard for IG’s in almost every department. Trouble is Congress ignores a critical report if it goes against the majority party.

  12. Nancie Mccormish Avatar
    Nancie Mccormish

    I just came here to post a link to this video! Great to see you are already on it.

  13. Larry Avatar

    The Tea Party “royalty” should be on this like butter on bread but of course they are not. Goes counter to their philosophy of use of tax money for corp welfare and they would also have to put one foot in my tree hugger bucket.

  14. Dick Kroger Avatar

    Wildlife Services, which use to be the Animal Damage Control Division under the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, only can be destroyed if a loud enough human outcry arises in all the States that do not support Public Land livestock grazing to carry the Congressional vote over the objection of the Western Livestock Industry and their paid pupets in Congress. It can happen — I never expected to see wolves reintroduced into the Yellowstone Ecosystem over their objection. ADC is not the only federal conservation, fish and wildlife, or land management agency that is totally corrupted by its leadership, which demands loyalty to them versus the pursuit of the agencies’noble goals to properly manage all our renewable natural resources. I wrote a book to purposefully expose the incestuous nature of the hiearchy in our Federal agencies — Choosing a Conservation Vocation or a Bureaucratic Career – Personal Choices and the Environmental Consequences (read excerpts at


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