Idaho Appropriates $400,000 for Wolf Control Board (Updated)

The Idaho Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee (JFAC) has just appropriated $400,000 for the Wolf Control Board created by HB470. Instead of receiving a one time $2 million appropriation as requested by the Governor, the Board will have to return to JFAC for funding in the following years. Yesterday the bill was amended by the Senate to place the board under the Office of the Governor.

There are just two more steps before the board begins operating in July. The bill creating it must receive a vote of the full Senate and it needs to be signed by the Governor. Each of these steps is very likely to happen.

UPDATE: This afternoon the Senate passed the amended bill which will need to go back to the House and then to the Governor.



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  1. ramses09 Avatar

    I’m sure there are children & families who are homeless who could use that money, Otter is a sociopath, he may not be anti-social but he sure is void of a conscience that’s for sure.

    1. Harley Avatar

      ramses09, I noticed in another post that you’re from Chicago. You are not seeing problems with the rising coyote sightings in our area?

  2. Jane Avatar

    I do so want Wolf management to be taken from the hands of Idaho and put back into the protection of the Endangered Species Act.
    It is so sad that the Governor has no respect for the wonderful wildlife of Idaho. There is so much wilderness in Idaho, you would think he could share it with the wolves. His beloved Elk grow stronger with wolves around.
    I wonder about the sanity of the Governor and his Congress.
    The Ag-gag bill is despicable- condoning animal abuse in essence.
    If the cattle ranchers had less public lands for grazing there would be more elk habitat therefore more elk for hunting- isn’t this what the killing is all about, the elk. Let the hunters, ranchers and farmers work this out and leave the wolves out of it.
    Stop killing the wolves- move the cattle off our public lands and remove the Governor from his office.

    I don’t want to see any more needless blood flowing from our wild and wonderful wolves of America.

  3. Joanne Favazza Avatar
    Joanne Favazza

    Idaho decision makers just keep proving again and again that the ecological value of wolves means nothing to them. This is an obvious war on wolves–no science involved, but plenty of politics. Lots of Big Bad Wolf hysteria, too. These people are still living in the 1800’s, and therefore have no business “managing” wolves or any other wildlife. The most infuriating thing of all is that the feds are supporting this kind of backward, medieval mindset.

  4. rick Avatar

    Is anyone confident they know what is driving this bizarre action against the wolf? Is it just a matter of not wanting wolves to eat elk so that they can kill more? I do know, from hunters themselves, that shooting an elk doesn’t make financial sense, for most, because of the expense involved. The few hunters who actually hunt to feed their families will get their elk regardless of wolves.

  5. Vivian Brien Avatar
    Vivian Brien

    Really evil people running this state and no compassion for farm animals to be protected from abuse and now destroying all of the wolves. Such greed is destroying our planet. Just horrible to see such evil people. I will not visit this state and never buy anything from it. I bet if they polled the people letting them know they are using tax paying money for such evil.