Idaho Department of Fish and Game Commissioner’s Public Hearing Tonight in Boise

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game will hold a Commissioner’s meeting tonight in Boise.  At 7:00 pm they will take public testimony about issues important to the public.

Tomorrow the Commission will set seasons for Deer, Elk, Pronghorn, Bear, Mountain Lion and Wolves.  You can see a full agenda for the meeting here.

Public Hearing: Location:

Washington Group Plaza
Main Auditorium (entrance at fountain)
720 East Park Blvd.
Boise, ID 83712
Phone: 333-2580



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  1. LM Avatar

    Ken, just saw this on Greenwire and wasn’t sure where to post the link. “Idaho plans Raven cull to protect sage grouse”

    I did not see it on the agenda for the meeting.

    1. Ken Cole Avatar

      Yes, and hunters were clearly unhappy with the proposal to drastically increase cow elk tags just to keep elk from eating forage on BLM lands.

      1. LM Avatar

        So, is this a new item in the wildlife management political stalemate stew pot, hunters vs. ranching ?

    2. LM Avatar

      It’s getting more insane by the day !

  2. LM Avatar

    Here’s the link from Reuters Re: “Idaho to kill thousands of Ravens to benefit imperiled Sage Grouse”

    1. Ken Cole Avatar

      I’ve read the plan but I would say that they aren’t killing the ravens to benefit sage grouse but rather to divert attention away from why the ravens are now a problem. livestock grazing has denuded the grass and forb cover that the sage grouse need as nesting cover so the ravens now have an easier time finding the nests.

  3. Sam Avatar

    This has always been IDFG method to create smoke and mirrors. They want to show the public that they are REALLY trying to increase sage populations. They do the same by over-harvest of bears and cougars and blame poor habitat for low elk/deer numbers but never address the real problem, over-selling hunting permits.

  4. JEFF E Avatar
    JEFF E

    Idaho to make baiting wolves legal in conjunction with trapping

  5. topher Avatar

    There is a short article listing changes in Idaho big game regs in the Statesman including changes in wolf hunting and trapping. It shows adding trapping seasons in the Sawtooth zone. Sorry no link, I read it in app that doesn’t let me copy.

    1. topher Avatar

      Its too bad.I never take a dog backpacking but the Sawtooths are one of my favorites.


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