Idaho Governor Otter Signs Wolf Control Board Bill into Law

Today Idaho’s Governor Otter signed H0470, the Wolf Control Board bill, and H0649, the bill that appropriates $400,000 in general funds to the Board, into law.  The Board will receive additional funds up to $220,000 with $110,000 coming from Idaho Department of Fish and Game and $110,000 coming from the livestock industry for a total of up to $620,000 annually.

According to statements made by several of the bill’s proponents, the intent of the Board will be to reduce Idaho’s wolf population to 150 wolves and 15 breeding pairs which is the minimum number of wolves needed to keep the wolves from being relisted under the Endangered Species Act.

The board will be overseen by the Governor’s office and will be comprised entirely of members directly or indirectly appointed by the Governor.



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  1. julie long gallegos Avatar
    julie long gallegos

    Surprise surprise.

  2. Melody Scamman Avatar
    Melody Scamman

    For that kind of money, they could have created a beautiful wolf sanctuary, instead of a death camp for wolves. A sanctuary could be self-supporting with tourist dollars where the only shooting is done with a camera. But instead, they will have a perpetual slaughter. Boycott Idaho and make sure they will never see another penny of your tourism dollars as long as they are killing innocent, healthy wolves.

    1. Ralph Maughan Avatar
      Ralph Maughan

      Melody Scamman,

      Yes, for that kind of money an area to see wolves could have been created. During the discussion over the Idaho Wolf Plan back ten or so years ago, the Idaho Conservation League proposed that. The ICL got no respect from the state. I conclude that the current political regime in Idaho would hate any prosperity that came from wolf tourism.

      1. Melody Scamman Avatar
        Melody Scamman

        Ralph, I believe you are correct. They want to be a giant elk farm as a form of workfare for the ignorant unemployable drop-outs or poorly home schooled who are now adults and their only skillset is to guide trophy hunters to kill wildlife. Ignorant as they are, they know wolves are in limited supply, so there is a big push to bag one before they are all gone. Just like in the last wolf eradication, bragging rights go to the trophy hunter who bags the last one of the species. This insanity is so out of control that they will not stop at the 150/15 breeding pairs. The big question is if the Feds will actually step in and due their duty as required by the ESA, wolves having been listed as ‘experimental’? I call on those who love and respect brother and sister wolf and who know what they are doing, to rescue orphaned pups and bring them to safety in a wolf sanctuary in a state that does not have a wolf hunt. Consider that minor civil disobedience for an honorable cause. We must save those who are left until we can ‘delist’ the evil wolf-hating politicians and get people in office who understand how nature works. Bravo to you Ralph for all you do for wolves!

    2. Jerry Colbruno Avatar
      Jerry Colbruno

      Melody,my thoughts exactly.This otter is out of control and needs to be removed from the beautiful State of Idaho along with all his supporters.

      1. Melody Scamman Avatar
        Melody Scamman

        Jerry, exactly, the sooner those crooked, evil politicians are ejected from their seats in office, the better! When something is not logical, follow the money.

  3. Janelle Rogers Avatar

    I stand firmly against the decisions Otter has chosen, they are barbaric to say the least. Instead of having any ounce of respect for these amazing animals who by the way have more rights here than us, he would rather see green than to do the right thing. So many alternatives to this “problem”

  4. Jerry Colbruno Avatar
    Jerry Colbruno

    I completely agree with the comments of Julie.This “death sentence’ for wolves is plain out “evil.”I lived in the beautiful state of Idaho and also was a hunter, but now I am ashamed of the folks that would allow this fool of a governor and his cronies get away with this slaughter.Otter seems to be a very ignorant and short sighted person and i am in awe that there are so many good folks of Idaho allowing him to do what he is doing.So, I agree—boycott Idaho!

  5. Cyndy Fowler Avatar
    Cyndy Fowler

    I am on board with boycotting Idaho. This will be one state I will not spend any time or dollars in. I am greatly disappointed and appalled by this state’s ideas on “Wolf control.” I believe there needs to be a control like this only on Gov. Otter and all the other folks wanting to spend all this money to rid the state of all these animals. Shame on Idaho. So sad, such a beautiful state.

    1. denise aldrete Avatar

      Politicians like Otter get into office because the Koch brothers who are billionaires illegally get money to the ones they want in office.They are openly professed wolf haters so they can afford to get anyone to do anything.Our voting system is just cosmetic anymore.The Koch brothers should just be announced as who runs our govrenment now.

  6. Bonnie Brown Avatar
    Bonnie Brown

    So out tax dollars are being used to kill the precious wildlife that we have left? This politician needs to be voted out of office for wasting tax dollars and wasting lives. How do these idiots get voted into office in the first place?

  7. Frank Avatar

    Wait. There will be $400,000 available to the board, which will be overseen by the Governor’s office? Sure, sure…

  8. Peter Kiermeir Avatar
    Peter Kiermeir

    Wolf board’s taking of fees from hunters becomes issue

    Read more here:

    “The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is looking into whether a new law creating the Idaho Wolf Depredation Control Board violates the federal acts by transferring hunting and fishing license dollars to a fund used for the killing of wolves.”

    1. Melody Scamman Avatar
      Melody Scamman

      It is common to not get along once there is money to be had. It happens to organizations, governments and spells the end of more than a few personal relationships where one or both partners suffer the vice of greed. As I mentioned above in an earlier post…”follow the money”.
      Once they are all squabbling over the money, that is when they are most exposed and off balance and a unique situation opens up to have a vote to recall the Governor and his appointees. You have to check what laws are in place first, otherwise you have to get the laws in place. I really don’t like sneeky politicians and their dirty tricks…but considering it was Testor who’s seat was saved by sneeking in a wolf delisting bill into a must pass budget bill, I believe it has opened the door for ‘all is fair in love and war’, to the wolf war arena, then we must consider returning his action with an equal ‘turn of the political screw’. How ever you manage to accomplish it, you must unseat Otter. Perhaps a committee of like-minded residents could give Ralph Nader’s office a call and ask him to give advice on ‘recall referendum laws’. Back in 1991, Ralph Nader introduced ‘The Concord Principles’ on the steps of the NH State House. One of those items in that document was Ralph’s idea for recalling corrupt politicians. He may have refined it since then but I don’t know. If anyone is confused at this point, I don’t blame you. Do some research on your state’s laws.
      Once the path is cleared, very, very carefully run an Independent, well loved, well lettered person in the area of Wildlife Biology, who meets the residency requirments for Idaho. One who is fully supportive of wolves and will take an oath to protect them from the human danger and supports a limited personhood for all creatures facing genocide. Corporations are allowed personhood, so really, I am not joking, why not an essential, highly intelligent being, now threatened with extinction? It is up to the good people of Idaho to stop the wolf genocide in their beautiful State but with the backing of a world wide wolf community.

  9. Katie Avatar

    As an animal lover and someone who takes pride in being a logical, consider-all-sides conservationist, this sickens and disgusts me. If I understand this law correctly, the state has decided that it doesn’t want wolves living within its borders, even though it is required by federal law. Their solution is to kill as many wolves possible while stopping before the numbers get so low the federal government will intercede.
    Seems like that kind of underhanded, following the letter of the law but not the spirit of the law ought to be a punishable offense.

    The funny thing, if you want to call it that, is that my first reaction is to think, *Well, it sure would be a shame is SOMETHING were to happen to enough of those remaining wolves that the population became ‘endangered’ and the state government lost control of it to the federal government*
    All that wasted money and wasted legal/court time.

    And then I imagine cocking a gun, donning all-black clothing, and marching out into a snow-filled night to teach greedy elk-hunters and corrupt politicians a lesson.

    Conservation is about saving species and habitats, not individual animals, so that would actually be better for Idaho wolves long-term than the current Control bill.

    Lucky for all those people providing the fish and game, livestock, and tax dollars, I’m a Florida girl who doesn’t know the first thing about snowy weather, or tracking, or hunting animals outside of a video game.
    If it’s snowing, shouldn’t my fantasy heroine don all-white clothing?

  10. Bill Le Voir-Barry Avatar

    Hey all – Please see my petition that I started to help get the wolves back into Federal Protection. I know it’s only a start, but I wanted to do something!!

  11. Joseph Yannuzzi Avatar
    Joseph Yannuzzi

    Mr. Governor, you are a coward and total disgrace to humanity. However, we are large in number, more educated and will challenge your cruelty and ignorance and in the end, protection under the Endangered Species Act will be restored for the wolf and he will roam wild and free once again.


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