Speak for Wolves is slated for July

 July 15-17, 2016 is the date for the bash in West Yellowstone-

The third annual Speak for Wolves is set to take place July 15-17, 2016 at the Historic Union Pacific Dining Lodge in West Yellowstone, Montana. This three-day family-friendly event will feature guest speakers, live music, food, poetry, film, dance and art by Virginie Baude. The mission of Speak for Wolves is to provide an opportunity for Americans to unite and demand wildlife management reform and restore our national heritage. There are five main keys to reforming wildlife management in America:

  1. Restructure State Fish & Game Department operations.
  2. Remove grazing from all federal public lands.
  3. Rein in USDA Wildlife Services.
  4. Ban trapping and snaring on federal public lands.
  5. Cease wildlife derbies and the hunting of carnivores.

The three day schedule is as follows:

Friday July 15

  • 6:00pm Doors Open.
  • 6:30pm Neil Haverstick, Musician and Wolf Advocate.
  • 7:15pm Mary Lee Sanders, Interpretive Dance: In the Spirit of La Loba.
  • 8:00pm Screening of the award-winning documentary Medicine of the Wolf followed by Q&A with Paula Ficara and Steve Wastell, Apex Protection Project and Jill Fritz, The Humane Society.

Saturday July 16

  • 9:00am Doors Open w/coffee and tea.
  •  10:00am Jen Nitz, Author and Wolf Advocate, Rubix Ruckus Reubenstein Takes Himself on a Hike
  • 10:20am Brianna Edwards, Wolf advocate, Mexican Gray Wolves are an Important Part of Arizona’s Ecosystem
  • 10:30am Jessica Blome, Animal League Defense Fund and Kelly Knokes, Wild Earth Guardians, Standing for Wolves: An Introduction to Opening the Courthouse Doors
  • 11:15am Chris Justice, Footloose Montana, Living with Predators: Non-lethal alternatives to conflict animal trapping
  • 12:00pm Natalie Ertz, Wildlands Defense, Malheur and the Land Grab

12:30pm Lunch Break w/pizza and opportunity to visit education booths

  • 1:30pm Corrine Nugent Hayes, Poet and Wolf Advocate, In His Lone Solitude
  • 1:45pm Kevin Proescholdt, Wilderness Watch, Isle Royale: Wilderness or Game Farm?
  • 2:30pm Jill Fritz, The Humane Society, Protecting the Great Lakes Wolves
  • 3:30pm Melissa Smith, Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf, screening of short film Political Predator: Dogs of War.4:00pm Dinner Break
  • 6:00pm Doors Open
  • 6:15pm Matt Stone, Musician and Wolf Advocate
  • 7:00pm Louisa Willcox, Large Carnivore Advocate, Potential Delisting of Greater-Yellowstone Ecosystem Grizzly Bears
  • 7:15pm Dr. David Mattson, Research Wildlife Biologist, The Changing World of Yellowstone Grizzly Bears
  • 8:00pm Raen Bear Stands Last, Guardians of Our Ancestors Legacy, First Nations Perspective on the Federal Government’s Proposal to Remove Protections for Grizzly Bears

Sunday July 17


Please visit Speak for Wolves to learn more.






  1. Joanne Favazza Avatar
    Joanne Favazza

    I’m sure this will be a great event, Brett! I really enjoyed the first Speak For Wolves in 2014. I wish I could be there this year! Thank you for speaking for wolves and all wildlife!

  2. Brett Haverstick Avatar

    You are welcome Joanne. Let’s try and get you back out for the 2017 event!

    1. Joanne Favazza Avatar
      Joanne Favazza

      I’d love to be there, Brett!


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