Rewilding the West

The interview concerns a paper published about a plan to rewild the West that came out a year or so ago, putting back some of the pieces in the West, including beaver and wolves. The interview was recorded shortly after the publication, but is available recently. 

The introduction has one minor correction. I no longer work for the Foundation for Deep Ecology. I am the ED of Public Lands Media. 






  1. Wayne Tyson Avatar
    Wayne Tyson

    Podcasts must be easier and more expeditious than writing, but the latter will always be more potent. The leave out those with poor retention abilities or hearing disabilities. And, the more serious among your readers like to have a hard copy for reference. My first impression is that they are probably great for a large fraction of the public, and it’s good to have the option of hearing the author’s voice, but aren’t there programs that convert voice to text?

    1. Michael McLaughlin Avatar
      Michael McLaughlin

      There also exists a drawback to youtube videos, under which comments tend to be largely vacuous, inimical, trolling. Considered discussion of issues does not occur in that format.
      In seminars and on sites like Wildlife News, opportunity exists for such discussion, whereas both noise and inappropriately fractious bias obstruct valuable discourse.

  2. Ida Lupine Avatar
    Ida Lupine

    Whatever works, to reach as many people as possible about these important issues. Great interview, and also good news about the Maine Woods being protected as a national park!


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