• Ethics, safety, and fair chase hunting demands people should not be able to bait coyotes and engage in “recreational” hunting from their easy chair next to their window- On this blog we have often talked about the disproportionate favoritism that hunters generally receive over other users of wildlife. Well, recently one of my radio-collared eastern…

  • Massive success brings Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin wolf population far above Idaho, Montana and Wyoming- It certainly is time to delist the wolves of the Great Lakes.  Their populations are secure. They have a huge prey base, and as we have seen from the Idaho and Montana hunting seasons, even abusive hunts do not wipe out…

  • Important genetic study confirms Massachusetts coyotes are part eastern wolf- Dr. Jon Way who often comments on this forum is the lead author of a paper about to appear entitled, “Genetic Characterization Of Eastern “Coyotes” In Eastern Massachusetts.” He has allowed me to post a draft of this paper. These relatively large canids are hybrids…

  • The wolf was not the gray wolf, however, it was the Eastern wolf — canis lycaon- Dr. Jon Way has been telling us this for some time. I see he has changed his suburban coyote page to the “coywolf page.” Broken link now fixed. Coywolves’ a product of evolution. By Lawrence Pyne. Burlington Free Press.

  • Wylie Coywolf: The coyote-wolf hybrid has made its way to the Northeast. By Carina Storrs. Scientific American. This is hardly new news on this blog, but important for newcomers. It does show that where there is a major ecological niche, it will be filled. Canids evolve rapidly and are the epitome of a generalist predator.


Jonathan Way is the author of Suburban Howls, an account of his experiences studying eastern coyotes/coywolves in eastern Massachusetts. He also has a business Eastern Coyote Research ( and is currently seeking an institution that will support him and his research. He currently works seasonally for Cape Cod National Seashore, is a part time post-doctoral researcher with the Yellowstone Ecological Research Center, and is a frequent traveler to the Yellowstone area. He is currently seeking a publisher for 2 different book projects: “My Yellowstone Experience” and “Coywolf”, both of which are nearly completed including with pictures.

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