land conservation

  • This is not the first land protection buy-up in the Rockies by the Swiss billionaire- This purchase seems to be a very good thing for conservation of the Montana landscape, but I’d bet this post will stir up a lot of debate about billionaires buying land (or maybe just about billionaires and why there are…

  • WILDLANDS CONSERVANCY: It brokered a BLM deal to protect the desert acres that are now being opened to development. Group sees ‘violation of trust’ By JANET ZIMMERMAN The Press-Enterprise

  • Roger Lang donated close to $4 million for conservation in the Madison Valley – hopes to eventually conserve one million acres Sun Ranch Owner Donates Millions Toward Madison Valley Conservation. By Lucia Stewart. New West. Note this is a new link above to replace the now dead one from the Bozeman Chronicle. RM

  • Several months ago, we discussed the land purchase opportunities posed by the current real estate slump.  Now here is a new article about the matter. Real estate slump is a boon to conservation deals. AP.

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