Roger Lang donated close to $4 million for conservation in the Madison Valley – hopes to eventually conserve one million acres

Sun Ranch Owner Donates Millions Toward Madison Valley Conservation. By Lucia Stewart. New West.

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4 Responses to Huge donation made to benefit Madison Valley

  1. john weis says:

    What a amazing gift!! I wish I was awash with money so I could do something like this. Very cool. We were just up in that valley staying with Dan and Nancy at Beartooth (what a class act they are!) and asked if there were easements in the Madison Valley the way that there are in the Sawtooths. Guess this answers that!

  2. TPageCO says:

    I believe that Madison County has more land, percentagewise, under conservation easement than any other county in the US. I’m not completely sure on that, but I’ve seen it in the recent past somewhere. Sun Ranch is a pretty awesome property, even if does have a few hooved locusts running around.

  3. IzabelaM says:

    I am not sure if I am not mixing ranches but is Sun Ranch the same where the ranch run over the wolf?

  4. TPageCO says:

    Yes, it is. They’ve shot a few too, with a permit. There have been several previous threads on this blog that discuss the Sun Ranch activities.


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