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Most elk since 1998 now being fed-

Since 2015 began, the winter in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, has been the mildest in the memory of most folks.  As a result, the almost snow-free National Elk Refuge would be expected harbor only scattered elk, and the elk there would not be chowing down on compressed alfalfa pellets. […]

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Wyoming Wildlife Advocates issues report with q. and a.-

The usual winter feeding of elk on the National Elk Refuge at Jackson, Wyoming, is just starting now.  Every year they try to hold off, and once and a while it is deemed not to have been needed.

The elk get alfalfa pellets, although elk on […]

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After 22 years as the chief biologist at the National Elk Refuge, Bruce Smith pens an easy-to-read, but stark warning about continuing elk feeding-

Prions are bit like tiny pieces of radioactive material in that they are very dangerous promoters of illness and for practical purposes never really go away, resting in the dust and […]

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Wintering elk on Refuge to be reduced to 5000 to 7000-

Angus M. Thuermer Jr. of the Jackson Hole News and Guide has written another article on the problem of too many wintering elk in the vicinity of Jackson Hole — too many elk at the feedgrounds and national elk refuge to avoid a […]

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Abundant grass in mountains and lack of snow keeps elk off of Refuge-

The amazing wet spring and early summer continue to affect wildlife (and hunting) in NW Wyoming.  Usually this time of year elk are moving onto the National Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole. This year, however, numbers are very low, with prized bulls […]

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Appeals courts says elk feeding is not illegal, but risky-

This issue is closely related to the Wyoming wolf plan story because Wyoming just loves feeding elk, and dragging along the federal government to feed them too

Conservation groups appealed the loss in their effort to stop elk and bison feeding on the National Elk […]

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Very unusual late, deep snows keep National Elk Refuge and nearby national forest lands under winter closures-

Snow extends closures. By Cory Hatch. Jackson Hole Daily

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Rot is caused by freeze-thaw cycles in unsanitary snow-

We just have to keep pointing out that persistant winter feeding of elk breeds disease. Now 23 elk have been put down for what is thought to be foot rot. No doubt more will die.

Foot rot suspected in elk deaths on refuge. By […]

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Heavy snowfall sends elk to refuge. By Cory Hatch. Jackson Hole Daily.

It is shaping up to be a snowy winter in southern Idaho and Western Wyoming.

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The important lawsuit to rid the National Elk Refuge of artificial winter feeding of elk is underway. This article in the Jackson Hole Star Tribune touches on the testimony of two experts, one on each side.

If as the interest group, Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife claims, closing feedgrounds will cause elk to transmit […]

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