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Contained in the annual wolf report to be released later this week by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) are the findings  of  a panel formed to review livestock depredation investigations attributed to wolves.  In at least three cases ODFW found that there was insufficient evidence to support a conclusion that wolves killed […]

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Wolf population grows slowly in Oregon

Despite a moderate amount of what is euphemistically called “wolf control” in Oregon this year, the wolf population grew a bit with a count of 25 wolves at year’s end. It was 24 until a few days ago when a new pup (now about 7 months old) was […]

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The Wallowa County Chieftain has issued an editorial which echos my sentiments on the controversy unfolding over whether the Hunter’s should be allowed to expand their Bed and Breakfast business to a parcel of land that they bought for the purpose. Rather than discussing the relevant issues relating to the B&B the discussion at the […]

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A wolf, formerly of the Imnaha Pack in northeast Oregon, has traveled to the Cascade Mountains in Douglas County. While it is not unusual for wolves to disperse very long distances it is the first time that a wolf has been confirmed in southeast Oregon since 1946 when the last Oregon wolf was killed. I […]

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The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has issued a kill order for the alpha male and the uncollared subadult wolf from the Imnaha Pack of wolves in eastern Oregon’s Wallowa County. The Imnaha Pack is the state’s first and the only breeding pack this year and, to the best of anyone’s knowledge, consists of […]

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There is a fight going on in Oregon between wolf advocates and ranchers.  Nothing new right? Well, this one has a twist.  As it stands now, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) biologists are who make the determinations as to whether a wolf is responsible for killing livestock or not.  Ranchers don’t like that […]

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Good news from Oregon

Three wolves have been confirmed in the northeast corner of Oregon near the border with Washington.

The “pack” of three wolves, at this point, should more appropriately considered a group until they determine what sexes the group consists of. It likely is a pack though.

Wolf pack confirmed in Umatilla […]

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Slow progress for Oregon’s wolves

Oregon Field Guide recently broadcast a special about Oregon’s wolves and how they are dealing with people and how people are dealing with them. It has been a tough road for the wolves there and many wolves have been killed by the government on behalf of livestock interests and by […]

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Death is under investigation

The radio collared 2-year-old male of the Wenaha Pack has been killed. It is under USFWS investigation which generally means that it was killed illegally.

Protected wolf killed in NE Oregon.
Associated Press

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No wolves killed under the permits while they were active

Caught-in-act wolf removal permits expire.
La Grande Observer

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~ Edward Abbey