Good Editorial About the NE Oregon Bed and Breakfast Controversy

The Wallowa County Chieftain has issued an editorial which echos my sentiments on the controversy unfolding over whether the Hunter’s should be allowed to expand their Bed and Breakfast business to a parcel of land that they bought for the purpose. Rather than discussing the relevant issues relating to the B&B the discussion at the meeting turned into a discussion about wolves. It should not have, it should have been only about whether the B&B was compatible with the area.

It’s reasonable to assume that the people who showed up to complain about the Hunter’s associations with people who support wolf recovery would have supported a dude ranch or hunting outfitter at the same location.

EDITORIAL: Wolves hold no true relevance in land use debate
Wallowa County Chieftain






  1. Nancy Avatar

    Thanks for the update Ken. Its kind of obvious there’s a double standard out here in the west. Road safety?? Gimmie a break! If that were a real concern, the ag business, would of been out of business, years ago.


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Ken Cole