South Dakota

  • Ranchers complain about losing control while accepting government handouts. The Buffalo Gap National Grassland of South Dakota doesn’t have buffalo any more but it certainly has a handful of ranchers with a strong sense of entitlement. They are worrying that wilderness designation will “steal” control that they seem to believe they should have over these…

  • Only 1500 birds left in the state Habitat destruction and fragmentation has caused a severe reduction in sage grouse numbers in South Dakota. Livestock grazing and energy development, especially wind, is a serious threat to the remaining birds there. The birds are behaviorally disposed to avoid tall vertical structures because they provide perches to predators.…

  • Shooting of wolf reported Argus Leader, Sioux Falls, South Dakota The wolf was shot by a coyote hunter.

  • Wow, quick action! Lisa Jackson was just confirmed the new EPA Administrator- Obama’s EPA Raises Objections to South Dakota Coal Power Plant. By Catherine Dodge.

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