Supreme Court

  • A welcome surprise- High court rejects appeal in spotted owl dispute. “The Supreme Court has decided to let stand a Bush administration designation of 8.6 million acres in four Western states as critical habitat for an endangered owl.” Associated Press.

  • Court of Appeals limits scope of Supreme Court decision and overturns Judge Molloy- A couple years ago in Winter v. Natural Resources Defense Council the U. S. Supreme Court continued its trend toward make it harder to temporarily stop government actions before irreparable harm was done. Applying this viewpoint, Montana federal district Judge Molloy let…

  • Likely new Justice expected to help stem anti-environmental trend by the Court’s activist conservative justices- The last term of the Supreme Court was the most anti-environmental in memory, ruling against conservation groups in all cases. New Chief Justice Roberts joined with Justice Scalia and other conservative justices to ignore settled law, and precedent,* so to…

  • Will she bring some balance back to a Supreme Court dominated by conservative judicial activists? Judge Sonia Sotomayor: an environmental pragmatist. By Jean Williams.

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