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High court rejects appeal in spotted owl dispute. “The Supreme Court has decided to let stand a Bush administration designation of 8.6 million acres in four Western states as critical habitat for an endangered owl.” Associated Press.

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5 Responses to Supreme Court rebuffs ranchers on Mexican Spotted Owl

  1. Virginia says:

    So nice to see the cattle ranchers lose one!

  2. The case was Arizona Cattle Associated v. Salazar. The conservative Pacific Legal Foundation was representing the cattle association. They wanted the designation of critical habitat declared unconstitutional. The Supreme Court decided not to intervene in the decision of the lower court.

    Here is a longer story than the one I originally posted.

    Supreme Court Decides Against Intervening in ‘Critical Habitat’ Designations
    . By Lawrence Hurley, New York Times.

    • WM says:

      New Mexico Cattleman Assn. (filing an Amicus I think) counsel was also Karen Budd-Falon (out of Cheyenne) who is the legal strong-arm pushing the Equal Access to Justice Act moratorium. Seems to me I have seen a couple articles written by her on this.

  3. Nancy says:

    +It is a touchy issue because private property owners, including developers and ranchers, have objected to critical habitat designations that infringe on their ability to do business+

    Infringe??? At what point will that word sink in to those who have no problem slicing and dicing up what’s left of habitat areas for other species on the planet?

    Guessing probably never, as long as there’s a buck to be made…….


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