Bison ‘managers’ kill calf

Montana Bison ‘managers’ kill calf north of West Yellowstone-

Bison are now allowed to leave the Park to the west in the winter at Horse Butte, but they are supposed to be back in the Park at an abnormally early time.

This year the Park is still under snow. The brutal Montana Department of Livestock hazed the bison toward the Park until the calf died. From the Island Park [Idaho] News- Bison ‘managers’ kill calf

Hundreds of bison were also held at the North Entrance of the Park. They have/had no grass to eat. There was talk about slaughtering a hundred of them, but that was forestalled.  Many of them were released in early May, but they went north out of the Park instead of back into it. They were recaptured. Yellowstone hopes to release bison back into park for summer.  by Adam Bell. KBZK

Meanwhile, cold and rain/snowy days continue well into May. The Park will be green when the snow finally melts and it finally warms.



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  1. william huard Avatar
    william huard

    These Montana DOL people are disgusting

  2. Indamani Avatar

    What the livestock industry and their goons do to the buffalo is downright cruel and inhumane. Here is an excerpt of BFC’s weekly update which I received last Thursday:
    “This little baby was only four hours old before he was hazed. His mom didn’t even have enough time to shed her afterbirth. He never had the chance to build his muscles that, if left alone, would grow strong and eventually be able to carry him many hundreds of lifetime miles. Climbing this hill took everything this baby had, and a few times he stumbled, nearly rolling down the hill towards the highway. It is unknown if permanent damage was caused. After the haze ended, DOL agent Shane Grube looks on, seemingly proud of his dirty work. Patrols are keeping a close eye on this little one”.

  3. ProWolf in WY Avatar
    ProWolf in WY

    This picture needs to be seen by a wider audience. Things like this can make a difference. As I understand, the hunting of whitecoat harp seal pups was outlawed due to pictures of dead baby seals.

    1. Jon Way Avatar

      Absolutely it needs to be seen by a wider audience. I have seen BFC video of Shane Grube and the only way to describe him is that he appeared to be turned on with rounding up and corralling bison. He seemed to rejoice in how the bison were struggling and bleating (whining). Sort of a bison pedophile.
      It is utterly staggering that people like that in a public position are not disciplined for how they behave.

      1. Dusty Roads Avatar
        Dusty Roads

        Actually, they are rewarded among their ranks. Mr. Grube is often employed in other state positions such as West Yellowstone police, Hebgen Basin Fire Dist. Deputy fire chief. On days when hazing occurs, when in town before or after, he seems almost giddy, smiling a bit too much. Often seen with one of his FS law enforcement buddies, they enjoy plotting against the BFC. Can’t elaborate on what I’ve seen and heard but you’d really be pissed, more than you might be already if you knew.

      2. Indamani Avatar

        Somebody needs to knock him off his high horse.

  4. Dawn Rehill Avatar
    Dawn Rehill

    I have posted the story on my facebook page so my family and friends back east can see what is happening out here .I have also asked the BFC to come on KHOL here in Jackson, Wy to talk about their efforts . Hope this helps and spreads the awareness of what has been happening for way tooooo long now ! Also for this fool Shane, if the reporties are right, karma always wins .

  5. Dawn Rehill Avatar
    Dawn Rehill

    Sorry meant to type reports about him, sorry but I am pissed

  6. Nancy Avatar

    +Sorry, ‘Bison ‘managers’ kill calf’ has been moved. Click here to view the story+

    When you click, you are redirected to a subscription page.

    1. Salle Avatar

      I think it’s a subscription online paper and they probably wanted to catch some subscribers from the *probable* uptick in viewings.

      1. Don Riley Avatar
        Don Riley


        Putting the article on facebook is a great idea. I am going to do it and have friends do it. I hope it goes viral.

        Salle, It is back up or will be in about an hour. I called the paper and they did not know it was off line. They said it was probably below the fold. When they found that Ralph had picked it up they were going to fix it. The island park paper is a weekly.

  7. Cindy Avatar

    Thanks All!! – it’s on my facebook page and working fine.

  8. Nancy Avatar

    Thanks for contacting the paper Don. The article is back up and its a sad one.

  9. Phil Avatar

    What a sad and tragic short life for this calf. I have known about the problems of hazing to the species and have been against it, but never really thought about it in deep manners, but I am truly glad that there are volunteers watching out for the bison and getting out the news on the effects it is having on them. Truly sad the calf did not have a chance at life due to human’s disturbance.

    1. william huard Avatar
      william huard

      Montana Dept of Livestock cares about one species, and one species only. This guy Shane Grube sounds like a real POS

  10. Salle Avatar

    I think it’s a truly sad statement about our society’s failings.

    1. william huard Avatar
      william huard

      I remember what was it two years ago when Montana DOL hazed those bison into the water and a number of them drowned. What a bunch of clowns. They must be so proud. You would think after what bison have been through they would be given even a little respect…..

      1. Salle Avatar

        I think that is a key problem, lack of respect. I wonder how many folks in the country even know what that is. Not much respect among people, less respect for any other species.