Governor Risch will only be governor until the end of December. Then the governor will be either Democrat Jerry Brady or Republican Butch Otter. Risch might be the Lt. Governor.

All three, however, seem to have now come out one way or the other against shooter operations, and I think Risch and Brady against new elk farms. I guess that is actually good news for Erin, who posts here (no new competitors). Otter is not so clear.

Here is the story in the Post Register (Idaho Falls).

Sept. 28. The Idaho Stateman has picked up on the lack of clarity on the part of gubernatorial candidate Butch Otter. Read the editorial today, “Our view: Otter still not clear on canned hunts.

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Dr. Ralph Maughan is professor emeritus of political science at Idaho State University with specialties in natural resource politics, public opinion, interest groups, political parties, voting and elections. Aside from academic publications, he is author or co-author of three hiking/backpacking guides, and he is past President of the Western Watersheds Project.

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  1. avatar Erin Miller says:

    “…I guess that is actually good news for Erin, who posts here (no new competitors)….” hoe unprofessional of you to say. I guess then I could say, “where then will you get elk to feed your wolves when they’re done with the wild ones???” Come on, Ralph, I thought you were a little less petty than that.


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