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I try to cover the struggling Mexican wolf reintroduction project, but I am very spotty in my knowledge of countryside there. I don’t know the politics or the people, although I have read a lot about Catron County, New Mexico.

Here are two government sites that will help those interested-

“Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project News” (from Arizona Game and Fish). These linked here as pdf files.

“Blue Range Wolf Reintroduction Area (BRWRA). Monthly Project Updates.” This is the site of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Go to the web site and browse down to find the monthly updates.

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Oct. 6. As the post below indicates the Southwest Environmental Center is a non-governmental site that has a lot of Mexican wolf news.







  1. Jean Ossorio Avatar
    Jean Ossorio

    Thanks for posting these Mexican wolf links. There is also additional information on Mexican wolves on the web site of the Southwest Environmental Center, including commentary from a conservationist point of view. The page is updated periodically.

  2. robert Avatar

    Good news to all who are keeping up with the Mexican Gray wolf program. currently there are an estimated 60 plus wolves in the wild. this is a substantial growth from the past. as I’d like to comment, slow is better than fast. The program will grow with time. Be patient! Even though we loose a few to 3 stikes you’re out. The wolves being born in the wild are getting bigger by count. Hopefully each year a new crop of wild born wolves will keep surviving, thus the population gets bigger. good work to the ADGF.


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