Idaho Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Jerry Brady and Republican nominee Butch Otter finally had a debate of sorts.

It turns out they differ considerably on conservation issues. Otter’s lack of clarity on the out-of-state-funded “property rights” Proposition 2 was troublesome. They also differed on Wilderness and Otter made it clear that while he might sign a bill prohibiting “canned” elk hunts, he would most likely not be a leader on the issue.

Story from the Idaho Statesman by Shawna Gamach.

Although they didn’t discuss it, Otter has been very strongly anti-wolf.

Added later. This election race, more than any other in Idaho will determine the future of Idaho’s immense wildlife population.

Here are the links to the two candidates’ web sites:

Otter for Idaho

Brady for Idaho Governor 

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2 Responses to Idaho's gubernatorial candidates differ on conservation issues

  1. avatar Tim Z. says:

    It’s my understanding that Brady is also anti-wolf, although I can’t find it in writing anywhere. I heard it last election when he ran.

  2. avatar Erin Miller says:

    Many hunters are anti-wolf, and they both claim to be hunters… so…
    And Brady won’t discuss it because being Democtrat he can’t chance other democrats not voting for him, as pro-wolfers tend to be largely democrats. Otter won’t likely touch it because he simply doesn’t want to disturb the flow that blatantly. There is a lot more than the ‘race’ that will “….determine the future of Idaho’s immense wildlife population….”



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