Wilderness Society predicts "in-fill" of the giant Jonah gas field will degrade formerly pristine air beyond EPA Standards

The Jonah gas field is huge. It sits in the Green River Basin between the two splendid mountains ranges, the Wind Rivers and the Wyoming Range. It also damages winter range in the Basin.

This area had pristine air just several years back, but the “in-fill,” i.e., filling in of Jonah, may push the air quality below the EPA’s standard for particulates (grit in the air). This would be illegal, not just in Wyoming, but anywhere in the country where the air has always been cleaner than the minimum standards.

If it becomes a “non-attainment” area, Sublette County, WY would also have to forgo other types of development if they release any emissions at all.

Story in the Jackson Hole News and Guide.







  1. Rick Hammel Avatar
    Rick Hammel

    My question is why do people have to be put at risk, while EPS gathers data for three years. By the time this issue winds its way through the courts, people could well have died from the particulate poisoning. I would think the county health department should have a say in public health and be able to curtail this sort of activity until techology catches up and there is no public health risk. The risk is being forecast. Shouldn’t the BLM be prudent and stop this project, or is it going to be left up to the courts?

  2. Alan Gregory Avatar

    Amazing that the concept of “zero” pollution remains off the radar screen. Instead, the EPA sets standards for “minimum” levels of pollution. The degradation of the public commons – the atmosphere – continues.


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