Pretty scars: National Geographic films the gas drilling

Pretty scars: National Geographic films the gas drilling. High Country News Blog.

It shows what’s going better than my few still photos.







  1. Anthony Criscola Avatar
    Anthony Criscola

    What price energy? It’s a crying shame.

    In the broad sprectum of human feeling it amazes me that so many people just don’t give a damn.

  2. Elizabeth Avatar

    My humble opinion is that people don’t care about destroying what little wilderness we have left because they have never experienced it. Why do people need to care about things with which they have no direct experience or knowledge?

    A person using natural gas to heat their home in Houston, TX who hasn’t had a memorable wilderness experience probably will have no reason to care about wilderness/wildlife/habitat conservation. I am not slamming these people; it is just not part of their experience.

    This is why community outreach and education regarding conservation is so important. Taking people out in nature and having them experience it can change priorities.


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